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Nancy --
    It just occurred to me that you would want to know that Doris Ferm's husband John passed away on November 15.  He was still teaching at U.K. but had gotten quite weak in recent months.  The week before he died he fell and broke his hip.  They put in a partial hip replacement, and at first it appeared he had come through the surgery all right, but his condition rapidly deteriorated.  He was a lifelong smoker of unfiltered cigarettes and had emphysema.  It seems to have been the weakness in his lungs that kept him from recovering from the surgery.  
    Oh, it may be that you also do not know that Doris and John's son Barclay died suddenly a couple of years ago.  I don't know if that news would have reached you.  So, Doris has suffered two losses in a short time.

    Doris's address is:    812 Surrey Lane, Lexington, KY  40503    606  223-7352 

    I hope you and Vassilka are well.         L,  B

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