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IMP ^o^ Bulletin 009.r
Proposed Minute on Population
from Asheville Monthly Meeting
(Ninth Month Revision)

(The wrong text of the proposed minute was posted as IMP^o^ 009.  This
correction is from Rep Meeting, 9-18-99, and an email sent by Kim Carlyle,

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"In accordance with Friends testimonies of equality, simplicity, and
harmony, we recognize the sacredness of all life, the interconnection of all
living things, and the balance required to sustain an acceptable quality of
life for all inhabitants of our planet.  We are committed to providing all
children with a safe, loving, nourishing, and habitable world in which to

"By the year 2000, world population will be 6 billion, having doubled since
1960. At the present rate of growth, it is expected to double again by 2040.
This rapid population growth threatens all of earth's creatures placing
insupportable demands on her  finite resources, creating unmanageable
problems of waste disposal, and intensifying environmental degradation.

"While remaining sensitive to the needs and values of all cultures, we
acknowledge our responsibility to become informed about world population
growth and the concerns it raises.  Through our leadings and sharings, we
will seek knowledgeable, loving, and creative ways of working towards
effective and realistic solutions.  Among these
are family planning with thoughtful consideration of the responsibilities
and consequences of procreation, encouragement of adoption as an alternative
to having biological children, contraception education made available for
all, the open support of those who choose not to procreate, and the
empowerment of women through general education to broaden their life

"We urge our government to renew contributions to the United Nations Fund
for Population Activities, and we urge meetings to study further the problem
of rapid population growth and to discern how we are to act on this concern
as individuals, and as meetings in our own communities, in our country, and
in support of countries throughout the world.

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