Janet Minshall jhminshall at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 5 13:45:30 JEST 1999

Dear SAYMA Friendly Women and Friendly Nuisances,  I just found out I made
a serious mistake when I sent out the report of SAYMA's Friendly Woman
organizing meeting in Chattanooga almost a month ago.  I suggested in that
note that anyone who wished to join the production team of Friendly Woman
could subscribe to our e-mail list where we are discussing and refining the
production process.  But I gave the wrong address to subscribe.  The
correct address is <sayma-fw-subscribe at topica.com>.  It is free to
subscribe.  If you send a blank e-mail to that address you will receive in
response a request for confirmation of your subscription and clear
instructions on how to send that confirmation.  That's all there is to it.

If you tried to join us before and were rudely rebuffed by an electronic
message indicating that we do not exist, please try again.  Also please
accept my profound apologies for the mistake.  Best Regards,  Janet Minshall

(In case you missed it, I have reprinted below our recent request for a
coordinator to oversee and keep on schedule the proofreading volunteers who
have agreed to help us put Friendly Woman together.)

>Sent: Thursday, September 30, 1999 9:54 AM
>Subject: A Critical Need
>> Dear SAYMA Friendly Women and Friendly Nuisances,  The SAYMA Friendly
>> Birthing Committee has a critical need to find a detail-oriented person,
>> who has a computer and can use e-mail for communications, to oversee and
>> keep on schedule volunteers providing proofreading services for Friendly
>> Woman.
>> We who are working on Friendly Woman are spread out all over the
>> Southeastern US and include a woman in Canada and one in Central
>America --
>> both interested in helping with layout.  With this much distance between
>> us, the location of the person providing oversight of the proofreading
>> function is not critical.  Even within SAYMA, we cannot, practically
>> speaking, drive back and forth from Atlanta to Chattannooga or Nashville
>> consult on any aspect of the publication.    Virtually all of our
>> proofreading volunteers have computers and use e-mail and we are working
>> a system for transmitting written materials between us which would insure
>> receipt of accurate, distortion-free copy.  This means that for the first
>> time in it's history, Friendly Woman may be produced entirely
>> electronically!
>> If you are a person (man or woman) who has the ability to provide this
>> criticallly needed service, or you know of someone who might be willing to
>> take on this responsibility, please respond by 10-15-99 to Penny Wright
>> <pennywright at earthlink.net>.  Your help will be greatly appreciated and we
>> expect that you will find SAYMA's Friendly Women a most agreeable and
>> interesting group to join.
>>          Janet Minshall for the SAYMA Friendly Woman Birthing Committee

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