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Thu Oct 7 18:33:49 JEST 1999

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 020
Contact Senators! --
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Vote in Senate October 12

(From an e-mail report from Nancy Lee-Riffe, 10-6-99, RETLEERI at

<|>  HELP!  Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)

<|>  voting scheduled on Oct. 12 -- NOW OR NEVER

<|>  Capitol switchboard 202-224-312

<|>  send messages via FCNL at

"I was in Washington at the FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation)
Policy Committee meeting last weekend just as the Senate leadership
negotiated a hasty scheduling for quick debate on this very important and
long-avoided issue, debate to begin on the floor Oct. 8 [Friday]-- and
voting scheduled on Oct. 12 [Tuesday].  So little time!

"At FCNL, staff seemed to feel that it's NOW OR NEVER -- well worth the
attempt because after all the polls show that 82% of the American people
want this treaty (!) whether our senators do or not -- but with
 no foreseeable re-runs upcoming if we don't win it now.  PLEASE DO
SOMETHING -- DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN:  a phone call and ask to speak to an
appropriate aide PLUS an e-mail -- unfortunately postal mail is probably too
slow for this event.

"If you go to FCNL's web site <> you can click on
something that will address your e-mail for you to your senator(s).  (I'm
not yet set up to do this fancy stuff, but I'm sure you can figure it out.)
At that site you can also read up on the issue before composing your
message, if you wish.

"To reach senators, you may call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121).

 "Of the Republican senators, only Jeffords, Chafee, and Specter are
 committed to vote for CTBT;   if they're yours, thank them!

"Democrats are all pretty firmly committed too -- and need thanks -- but
need to be
 urged to bring persuasion to their Republican colleagues.

"If you know local people with influence on your senators, trying to
persuade THEM to
 contact the senators to support CTBT would be of great importance.

"Let's GO for it:  a safer world!"

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