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The SAYMA office has received --

Update on...
"Our move into life as ...
...an autonomous Quaker organization"
Cincinnati, OH

(edited from an October 13, 1999, letter from General Secretary Roland

Greetings from RSWR!  As we continue our move into life as an autonomous,
Quaker organization, it is important to keep Friends aware of how that is

At its meeting in September the RSWR Board of Trustees approved:

<|>  RSWR will be a separate, Quaker organization.  RSWR desires a strong
relationship with all yearly meetings in North America.  We are also aware
that we must focus on supporting the work of RSWR at the individual and
monthly meeting level.

<|>  Beginning January 1, 2001, the fiscal year will be the calendar year.
The RSWR Annual Meeting will be in September, with one other Board meeting
in March of each year.  All action for the year following the Annual Meeting
will be approved at the Annual Meeting, the first of which will be
September, 2000.  The current Board members have all agreed to serve until
that first Annual Meeting.  The next meeting of the RSWR Board of Trustees
will be March 10-12, 2000.

<|>  Projects being developed:
1) RSWR website revised and updated  --  2) RSWR video  --  3) Publication
of queries related to RSWR  --  4) Annotated directory of RSWR-related
educational materials, adult and youth  --  5) Plans for implementing a RSWR
Simple Meal or Craft Fair

<|>  Letters of introduction for the Stuckeys and Currys, traveling among
project partners in southern India 10/16-11/4.  Letter of introduction for
Bob Barns, traveling in India and Africa from 11/99-3/2000.

Roland Kreager, General Secretary
3960 Winding Way, Cincinnati, OH 45229-1950
513.281.4401 -voice, 513.281.4340 - fax, rswr at earthlink.net

"God calls us to the right sharing of world resources, from the burdens of
materialism and poverty into the abundance of God's love, to work for equity
through partnerships with our sisters and brothers throughout the world."

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