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Tue Oct 26 12:57:02 JEST 1999

REPORT FROM FGC: Valerie Barlow and Perry Treadwell or Atlanta Meeting
attended the meeting of the Central Committee of FGC the weekend of
tenth month 21-24. Valerie is a new member of the Religious Education
Committee, Perry is clerk of Nominating Committee. Mary Ann Downey was
approved as a member of the Friends Journal Board representing FGC.
SAYMA is also represented by Penny Wright (clerk of SAYMA) and assistant
clerk of the Ministry and Nurture Committee, Sharon Annis (assists clerk
of SAYMA) and incoming Recording Clerk of CD, and John Geary, Assist
Clerk of the Publications and Distribution Committee. Of major interest
to SAYMA members is the growing outreach of the Traveling Ministries
Program and the initial success of the Nurturing Qurakerism Capital
Campaign. Part of this money will be used to help with travel funds for
members of CC to fulfill their committee obligations. The Central
Committee spent 7th day afternoon exploring the dynamics of race and
racism in a workshop experience. We remind SAYMA members that the
Gathering in 2000 (FGC Centennial Celebration) will be in Rochester NY
July  1-8. Get your registrations early as there will be an early cutoff
date. The next year the Gathering will be closer to home, Blacksburg,

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