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The SAYMA office has received an experimental edition of--
QIN:   Quaker Information Network
...bulletins from FWCC
Friends World Committee on Consultation
London, UK

(from a 10-28-99 message from FWCC World Office, Elizabeth Duke, General

"In 1991 FWCC stopped producing a very useful bulletin called Quaker
Information Network, because it was expensive to produce and was taking time
away from other activities.... The bulletin (QIN) contained short accounts
of events, and notices of future events and opportunities.  The World Office
receives such information quite often, and...often the information does not
reach you.

"So here is the new less expensive QIN.  . . . FWCC Interim Committee agreed
that we should send out one issue as an experiment.  Please let our office
know whether or not you think such a bulletin is a good idea, and, if so,
any suggestions you have about content or frequency.  We would like to
receive this advice by the end of December 1999."

[AA's note:  full text of Oct 28 FWCC message is posted separately to
sayma at kitenet.net]

Quaker Information Network ............................................New
Series - no.1  October 1999

<|>  20th FWCC Triennial, 22 - 30 July, Geneva Point, New Hampshire, USA
            Any Friend wanting to be on a list for observer places should
let us know as soon as possible.  Offers of observer places to Friends from
the list of those who have expressed interest will be made from March

<|>  Triennial Travel and Accommodation Fund
            Friends and meetings in prosperous countries are urged to enable
all yearly meetings to be represented at the Triennial, by contributing to
the Travel and Accommodation Fund.  This supports Friends who have no other
means of being present, but who have much to give to the life of the
Triennial.  Send contributions, payable to FWCC, in UK pounds or US dollars,
to the World Office, and let us know it is for this fund.  Credit and debit
card payments are now possible.  For details see the next issue of Friends
World News, or contact the World Office.

<|> E-mail Addresses
        The following e-mail addresses are now valid:
World Office:   world at fwcc.quaker.org  (previous address still usable)
Section of the Americas:   americas at fwcc.quaker.org
Asia-West Pacific Section:   awps at fwcc.quaker.org
Europe & Middle East Section:  emes at fwcc.quaker.org
Africa Section is awaiting improved telephone service before being available
by e-mail.

<|> Request to Travelers
        There are isolated Friends and enquirers in several countries where
no organised Friends group exists.  If you are moving to or visiting an area
where there does not seem to be a Quaker presence, do contact the relevant
Section Office and the World Office.  Someone may be longing for Quaker

<|> Friends in Prison in Burundi
            Friends of Burundi Yearly Meeting have let us know that ten
Friends are still in prison, some since 1994, charged with involvement in
communal killing.  They believe the charges are false.  This was the charge
from which Samson Gahungu, Clerk of the Yearly Meeting, was freed recently.
Please pray for these Friends and for their families.  The World Office is
making enquiries as to ways in which the charges can be resolved and justice

<|>  A Time for Peace
            On Sunday evenings, at 7:00 p.m. by your local time, Friends are
invited to pray or hold a time of recollection for peace.  The invitation,
from the two Quaker Offices at the United Nations (QUNOs) and FWCC World
Office, holds up the need for prayer for those who suffer violence, for
those who commit it, for those with political, economic or military power,
and for

<|>  News Wanted
           Please send news or notices you think would be right for a future
QIN to:
FWCC, 4 Byng Place, London WC1E 7JH, UK, fax +44 20 7383 4644,
world at fwcc.quaker.org

Produced by Elizabeth Duke and Kate Coole

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