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The SAYMA office has received the following announcements from--
QIN:  Quaker Information Network
...bulletins from FWCC
Friends World Committee on Consultation
London, UK

(from a 10-28-99 "experimental edition" message from FWCC World Office,
Elizabeth Duke, General Secretary)

"In 1991 FWCC stopped producing a very useful bulletin called Quaker
Information Network (QIN) [which] contained short accounts of events, and
notices of future events and opportunities.  ...  So here is the new less
expensive QIN.  . . .  FWCC Interim Committee agreed that we should send out
one issue as an experiment.

"Please let our office know whether or not you think such a bulletin is a
good idea, and, if so, any suggestions you have about content or frequency.
We would like to receive this advice by the end of December 1999 so that we
can consult Interim Committee as to whether or not to continue."

[AA's note:  full text of Oct 28 FWCC message is posted separately to
sayma at kitenet.net]

Quaker Information Network
New Series - no.1  October 1999

<|>  Director of Religion and Social Issues Forums
            Pendle Hill Quaker Study Center
  "The Director should have a strong interest and some prior experience in
religion, spirituality, political and social issues."  This is a senior
position.  Information from:  Dean, Pendle Hill, 338 Plush Mill Road,
Wallingford, PA 19086-6099, fax 610-566-3679,  e-mail dean at pendlehill.org,
internet  www.pendlehill.org  (Closing date not specified.)

<|>  Youth Programs Coordinator
            Pendle Hill
A full-time year-round position working on programs for high school youth
and young adults.  "Experience in youth program leadership required."
Contact Shirley Dodson at Pendle Hill (see previous item), 610-566-4507 or
1-800-742-3150 ext127, or e-mail shirley at pendlehill.org  (Closing date not

<|> Interns to serve 9-12 months from January, June or August 2000
            William Penn House, Washington, DC
"..assist with seminars and hospitality at William Penn House, where Quakers
(and others) visit to learn and to speak truth to power.  Room, board and a
small stipend provided."  Send letter and resume to Errol Hess, William Penn
House, 515 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA.  (Closing date
not specified.)

<|> Field staff
            Friends United Meeting
Seeking field staff including a Director of Friends Schools, Ramallah.
Other  opportunities are in Kenya, Belize, Russia, Jamaica, Cuba, USA, and
with Christian Peacemaker Teams.  Contact John Myers at Friends United
Meeting, 101 Quaker Hill Drive, Richmond, IN
47374, 765-962-7573, e-mail: yersjk at compuserve.com

<|>  News Wanted
            Please send news or notices which you think would be right for a
future QIN to:
4 Byng Place
London WC1E 7JH, UK
fax +44 20 7383 4644
e-mail  world at fwcc.quaker.org

Produced by Elizabeth Duke and Kate Coole

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