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> Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999
> From: FWCC World Office <fwccworldofficelondon at compuserve.com>
> Subject: Quaker Information Network  (QIN)
> Dear Friends,
> You are receiving this letter as an FWCC representative, or as the contact
> for a yearly meeting or group.  Please do not keep it to yourself - the
> contents are designed for circulation.
> Your comments on the usefulness of this sort of information are invited -
> see further in the newsletter.
> Elizabeth Duke
> General Secretary
>         Quaker Information Network
>         New Series - no.1  October 1999
> In 1991 FWCC stopped producing a very useful bulletin called Quaker
> Information Network, because it was expensive to produce and was taking
> time away from other activities in which World Office staff had to be
> engaged.  The bulletin (QIN) contained short accounts of events and
> of future events and opportunities.  The World Office receives such
> information quite often, and we cannot afford to send a letter to every
> yearly meeting and representative for each announcement, so often the
> information does not reach you.
> So here is the new less expensive QIN.  To save postage costs, we plan to
> send it by e-mail to all yearly meetings and representatives who have an
> e-mail connection, and by ordinary mail (mostly airmail) to those who are
> not on e-mail.  The printed form will be quite simple.
> FWCC Interim Committee agreed that we should send out one issue as an
> experiment.  Please let our office know whether or not you think such a
> bulletin is a good idea, and, if so, any suggestions you have about
> or frequency.  We would like to receive this advice by the end of December
> 1999 so that we can consult Interim Committee as to whether or not to
> continue.
> 20th Triennial  Thanks to all yearly meetings and groups who have sent us
> the names of their representatives.  We shall be sending the registration
> form and other papers to these Friends very shortly.  The schedule of
> events from then onwards is:
> 29 February 2000   Latest date for forms and registration payments to
> World Office without late fee penalty.
> March onwards     Offers of observer places to Friends from the list of
> those who have expressed interest.  (Any Friend wanting to be on the list
> for observer places should let us know as soon as possible.)
> Early April     Further mailing to participants with more information and
> agenda papers.
> 30 May  Latest date for confirmation forms and accommodation payments to
> reach World Office.
> Early June              Final mailing of agenda papers.
> 22 - 30 July    20th Triennial at Geneva Point, New Hampshire, USA.
> Triennial Travel and Accommodation fund.  Friends and meetings in
> prosperous countries are urged to enable all yearly meetings to be
> represented at the Triennial, by contributing to the Travel and
> Accommodation Fund.  This supports Friends who have no other means of
> present, but who have much to give to the life of the Triennial.  Send
> contributions, payable to FWCC, in UK pounds or US dollars, to the World
> Office, and let us know it is for this fund.  Credit and debit card
> payments are now possible (see next item).
> You can now make donations to FWCC, pay for materials you buy, or pay
> Triennial costs, by credit card or by Visa debit card (no other debit card
> is possible).  For details see the next issue of Friends World News, or
> contact the World Office.
> To contact Section and World offices, the following e-mail addresses are
> now valid:
> Section of the Americas:                americas at fwcc.quaker.org
> Asia-West Pacific Section:              awps at fwcc.quaker.org
> Europe & Middle East Section:           emes at fwcc.quaker.org
> World Office:                   world at fwcc.quaker.org
>  (previous address still usable)
> Africa Section is awaiting improved telephone service before being
> available by e-mail.
> There are isolated Friends and enquirers in several countries where no
> organised Friends group exists.  If you are moving to or visiting an area
> where there does not seem to be a Quaker presence, do contact the relevant
> Section Office and the World Office.  Someone may be longing for Quaker
> contact.
> For some years the World Office has ben developing a mailing list of
> Friends interested in ecumenical affairs at the international level.  We
> are now building other mailing lists, on the following subjects:
> Racism, racial and indigenous concerns
> The status of women
> Social development
> Justice, penal affairs, alternatives to prison, death penalty, etc.
> If you are interested in such concerns, or in ecumenical affairs, on an
> international level, or know of other Friends who are, please send us your
> or their name, yearly meeting and contact details.  These lists will be
> made available to Friends working with the United Nations and other
> international bodies.  We hope Friends on each list will receive a brief
> newsletter once a year from the World Office.
> Friends of Burundi Yearly Meeting have let us know that ten Friends are
> still in prison, some since 1994, charged with involvement in communal
> killing.  They believe the charges are false.  This was the charge from
> which Samson Gahungu, Clerk of the Yearly Meeting, was freed recently.
> Please pray for these Friends and for their families.  The World Office is
> making enquiries as to ways in which the charges can be resolved and
> justice done.
> Three Friends are now serving on central committees or commissions of the
> World Council of Churches (WCC).  Ute Caspers (German YM) is FWCC's
> delegated representative to the Central Committee, and has been appointed
> to its Programme Committee.  Eden Grace (New England YM), who represented
> Friends United Meeting at the last WCC Assembly, was elected to the
> Committee, which has appointed her to a Commission on the Orthodox
> and WCC.  Janet Scott (Britain YM) is now appointed by the Faith and Order
> Commission to its plenary body.  All these Friends would welcome the
> support and interest of Friends.
> The 19th FWCC Triennial asked that FWCC should be more actively
> at the WCC, by appointing a long-term volunteer as its delegated
> representative to the Central Committee (this Friend is Ute Caspers - see
> above).  We need to cover the costs of travel and accommodation at various
> meetings, as well as other expenses.  Recognising that FWCC had no spare
> money for such extra work, the Triennial set up a fund to support it.
> Friends who would like to make donations are invited to send them to the
> World Office, payable to FWCC, with a note that the gift is for work with
> the WCC.
> The Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches (WCC) has
> produced a consultation document, The Nature and Purpose of the Church.
> This is offered to all churches, whether or not they are members of the
> WCC.  Churches are invited to respond as to whether they see in this
> document areas of agreement or "convergence".  Some Friends, we know, are
> engaged in study of the document, and World Office staff are working on
> their own outline of a response.  If any Friends would like to study it
> themselves, responses can be sent directly to the Faith and Order
> Commission, World Council of Churches, 150 route de Ferney, P.O. Box 2100,
> CH-1211 Geneva, Switzerland, from whom copies can be obtained. Or you can
> send your response to the World Office.  Please let us have a copy of
> anything that goes to the WCC.  If you have difficulty obtaining copies,
> please let us know.
> On Sunday evenings, at 7.00 p.m. by your local time, Friends are invited
> pray or hold a time of recollection for peace.  The invitation, from the
> two Quaker Offices at the United Nations (QUNOs) and FWCC World Office,
> holds up the need for prayer for those who suffer violence, for those who
> commit it, for those with political, economic or military power, and for
> peacemakers.  If you did not receive a copy of the original invitation,
> would like one, ask the World Office.
> Marianne IJspeert has resigned as Clerk of the Section.  The EMES
> has asked Helga Tempel (German YM) to serve as Acting Clerk.
> Director of Religion and Social Issues Forums, Pendle Hill Quaker Study
> Center, near Philadelphia, USA.  "The Director should have a strong
> interest and some prior experience in religion, spirituality, political
> social issues."  This is a senior position.  Information from:  Dean,
> Pendle Hill, 338 Plush Mill Road, Wallingford, PA 19086-6099, fax +1 610
> 56-3679,  e-mail dean at pendlehill.org  Internet  www.pendlehill.org
> (Closing date not specified.)
> Youth Programs Coordinator at Pendle Hill.  A full-time year-round
> working on programs for high school youth and young adults.  "Experience
> youth program leadership required."  Contact Shirley Dodson at Pendle Hill
> (see previous item), phone +1 610 566-4507 or +1 800 742-3150 extension
> 127, or e-mail shirley at pendlehill.org
> (Closing date not specified.)
> Interns to serve for 9-12 months from January, June or August 2000, at
> William Penn House, Washington, DC, USA.  "..assist with seminars and
> hospitality at William Penn House, where Quakers (and others) visit to
> learn and to speak truth to power.  Room, board and a small stipend
> provided."  Send letter and resume to Errol Hess, William Penn House, 515
> East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA.  (Closing date not
> specified.)
> Field staff   Friends United Meeting is seeking field staff including a
> Director of Friends Schools, Ramallah.  Other opportunities are in Kenya,
> Belize, Russia, Jamaica, Cuba, USA, and with Christian Peacemaker Teams.
> Contact John Myers at Friends United Meeting, 101 Quaker Hill Drive,
> Richmond, IN 47374, USA, phone +1 765 962-7573, e-mail:
> myersjk at compuserve.com
> If you have news or notices which you think would be right for a future
> QIN, please send them to
> 4 Byng Place
> London WC1E 7JH, UK
> fax +44 20 7383 4644
> e-mail  world at fwcc.quaker.org
> October 1999            Produced by Elizabeth Duke and Kate Coole
> FWCC is a registered charity in the UK, no. 211647

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