[saymaListserv] draft IMP^o^ 082 Bob Lyon Memorial

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri Aug 25 11:59:51 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 082
Bob Lyon Memorial
August 20, 2000

(from 8/20 and 8/24/00 messages from Jane Goldthwait, Celo FM)

Dear Friends,

     Many Friends attended the memorial service for Bob Lyon.
Because his health had deteriorated, his four sons and some of their
families were here with Pat Lyon.  Bob had very few days of really bad
health before he left this world for a better place.

     He apparently died just after midnight on Friday night/Saturday
morning.  The memorial service was held at 1:00 today, Sunday.

     He was remembered as a leader and mentor of his Asheville
Meeting, and as a grounded Friend with FWCC, New England AFSC,
Earlham, Pendle Hill, etc.  Barbara Esther told about memorial services
in the manner of Friends.  Jim Cavener told a brief background about
Bob.  Hal and Valerie Hogstrom are clerks of Asheville; Friends can
contact them for details (Vhogstrom at aol.com, 828-281-1702, 23
Beaverbrook Rd, Asheville NC 28804).

     Pat Lyon's address is:
                            11 Lady Slipper Dr.
                            Weaverville, NC 28787

In love,


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