[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 079 Rep Meeting "e-registration"

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Sat Aug 26 20:10:40 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 079
Information needed to register electronically
for Fall Rep Meeting ...
but you still need a registration packet!

<|>  You may register by phone or e-mail for the Fall Rep Meeting
scheduled for September 16th.

<|>  Registration deadline is September 6.  The people to register with

<|>  By e-mail:  John Potter, kitandjohn at aol.com

<|>  By phone:  Pam Beziat, 615-341-0255

<|>  You will need a registration packet even if you register by e-mail
or phone; it contains maps, directions, agenda, and other important

<|>  If you need a packet, please --
-- check IMP^o^ bulletin 078, to see if one was mailed to you, or ...
-- contact a person who was listed, or ...
-- contact your meeting clerk, or ...
-- visit our new web-site www.sayma.org to download and print the
    materials, or ...
-- contact the SAYMA office at 540-628-5852, moriah at preferred.com

<|>  IMP^o^ bulletins 076, 077, and 078 will give you partial

<|>  Everyone coming needs to be registered!

<|>  Info needed for Rep Meeting registration --

1.  If you need childcare please notify Pam Beziat right away. Childcare
        is very limited.

2.  Your name and address

3.  Purpose for attending:
    (a) Rep Meeting, M&N, Yearly Mtg Planning, other
    (b) child; please give name(s), age(s) and special needs of
            requiring care.

4.  Year your term ends
        (of the appointment that brings you to Rep Meeting)

5.  Meeting or Worship Group name

6.  Your contact info:  area code + phone number (& e-mail address if
        you have one).  If giving both, please indicate the preferred
        means of communication.

7.  Hospitality needed (place to sleep & light breakfast provided by
        local f/Friend):
    (a)  Please indicate people who can share a room...
    (b)  ...& those who can share a bed.
    (c)  Friday night for (#) ____ people.
            Expected time of arrival: ______
    (d)  Saturday night for (#) ____ people.
            Expected time of arrival: ____
    (e)  Please say who's arriving when, if everyone you're registering
            not traveling together.
    (f)   Any special needs? (Vegetarian, vegan, special diet, house
            without stairs, hills, wood smoke, pets, or a child-proof
            etc. ...?)

8.  If you request hospitality, and your request hasn't been
        acknowledged by September 12, please contact John Potter
        (615-356-6356, kitandjohn at aol.com) immediately.

9.  Cancellation:  after registering, if you are unable to attend for
        reason, please notify John Potter as soon as possible at
        615-356-6356, kitandjohn at aol.com.

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