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I've been reading your forwarded e-mails and lying awake thinking in the middle of the night; and some resolutions have been crystallizing for me:

First, I can not accept Bush as a legitimately elected President (in Daniel Schorr's words, the outcome was a "judicial coup").

The rest of the country is prepared to do so largely due to the most skilful use of propaganda since the Nazis came to power - similar in scope if more subtle in technique.

The other side of this is that most Americans persist in feeling that little is at stake here. Aside from undermining core values of democracy, the new administration can continue to implement policies that favor the material interests of people who have much more than they need over those of everyone else in this country. Other possible consequences are more global.

People like Dick Cheney bother me more than Bush (whose role is that of a relatively amiable front man). I went to school with the sons of men who were running the Vietnam War; their ilk is smooth, urbane, and has a talent for putting someone else's children in a war zone. Twice in my life-time American military force has decimated a 'Third World' population and if you count the proxy wars in Latin America during the 80's, that makes three.

This is one of the architects of the military buildup that culminated in the Gulf War and they are currently planning to renew that buildup. When you remember Bush senior's pointed cruising around in a powerboat, and consider their ties to the oil industry as well, the image that forms is of the Earth being raped at gunpoint.

(Note: The Gulf War was a consequence of the long-term lack of principle in American foreign policy: after Kissinger's designated enforcer in the area, the Shah of Iran failed, Hussein, following classic thug's logic, took the Bush administration's attempts to install him in that role as a 'green light' in the Gulf; they couldn't finish the ensuing war against him for the simple reason that they had no other "S.O.B." lined up to replace him. Now the new/old Bush appointee Colin Powell is calling for a renewal of the sanctions (devastating only for the civilian population - now a propaganda boon for Hussein) that are a dreary relic of that policy failiure. With Barak's peace efforts probably doomed to fail, and Ariel Sharon poised to become the Israeli Prime Minister, you get a glimpse of where things might be heading. The up-side is that this is what it may take to galvanize the Arab World into finally reasserting control of its own destiny (though it will almost certainly need to liberalize and liberate women if it is to do so), and acquiring the standing to treat with the West as an equal (which is probably the only basis for a lasting peace with Israel). The side benefit of higher oil prices reducing consumption and promoting conservation and alternatives, might also in the short-term combine with an already faltering American economy to provide political punishment for those who have earned it in this country. The down-side could be increased violence in Palestine and terrorism in general, and/or another war over oil.)

I am wondering if Celo and other Friends Meetings should be minuting similar convictions/conclusions.

Seasons greetings,
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