Getting ready for Rep Meeting

Willard Vaughan, PE teamenv at
Mon Feb 21 21:36:03 JEST 2000


On April 8, 2000 the representatives of SAYMA meetings and worship
groups will be meeting in Asheville NC.  Now is the time to get your
committees together, finialize any minutes and reports to bring before
Rep meeting and such.

It would be a wonderful treat if any and ALLL reports/minutes/whatever
you want in the proceedings be brought typed and if available on a disk
so that I can easily drag it in on the computer and not have to retype
it.  <that is such a double waste and a bummer>

So, peace you all of you and get your committees stuff together and
bring me a disk.  


Willard Vaughan
your recording clerk.

PS  if you want it on the agenda, you better let the clerk Penelope
Wright know.

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