IMP^o^ 033 Winter Rep Mtg 1/22

Mary Calhoun moriah at
Mon Jan 3 16:37:11 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 033
SAYMA Representative Meeting #95, Winter
Jan 22, 2000 (snow date Jan 29)
Atlanta, GA

<|>  SAYMA Representative Meeting #95, Winter 2000, will be held on
Saturday, Jan 22nd, hosted by the Atlanta (GA) Friends Meeting.  In case
of snow, the meeting will be postponed to Jan 29th.

<|>  Registration packets will be mailed soon to f/Friends recorded in the
SAYMA office as Clerks of their meetings or worship groups, SAYMA
representatives, and members of committees that will meet in conjunction
with Rep Meeting.

<|>  Others in need of registering may contact their Clerk.  Several people
may register on the same form.

<|>  "Representative Meeting carries out the ongoing work of the yearly
meeting and acts in the name of the yearly meeting between sessions."  (A
Guide to Our Faith and Our Practice)

<|>  Each Meeting and Worship Group is encouraged to send a representative.
These f/Friends serve as important channels of two-way communication between
SAYMA and their local meetings.

<|>  Any f/Friend may attend and participate; those gathered represent the
Yearly Meeting.  Attending without "official" duties is a delightful
opportunity for fellowship and participating in Quaker process!

<|>  Spring Rep Meeting is scheduled for April 8, 2000, hosted by Asheville
Friends Meeting, near the Yearly Meeting site.  It's snow date is April 15.

<|>  The Yearly Meeting gathering will take place June 8-11, 2000, at Warren
Wilson College in Swannanoa, NC.

<|>  Fall '00 Rep Meeting is scheduled for 9-16-00; Winter '01 Rep Meeting
set for 1-20-01 (snow date 1-27-01).  Spring '01 Rep Meeting will be
4-21-01, with the possibility of Yearly Meeting gathering on June 14-17,

<|>  Host meetings are needed for these future Rep Meeting dates.  Meetings
wishing to host may contact the SAYMA office.

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