IMP^o^ 034 World Peace Day Minute

Virtual Mother saferrell at InfoAve.Net
Tue Jan 4 15:02:07 JEST 2000

Thanks to Foxfire Friends for the minute!  Too often we let an occasion pass
without action...........I'm thinking of using this idea for a letter to the
editor this month from our Meeting............I'm asking for permission to use
your wording in the letter & also I  am not clear if "World Peace Day" is a
concept already established for the date of Gandhi's death or if this is a new
idea/ date originating with your meeting?? Thanks Sally

Sally Schuder Ferrell
Wilkes County Friends Meeting
Piedmont Friends Fellowship

Mary Calhoun wrote:

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> IMP ^o^ Bulletin 034
> Proposed Minute
> World Peace Day
> .....................................
> from Foxfire Friends Meeting
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> (from a 1-2-00 message from Foxfire Clerk Bob Keiter)
> <|>  approved by Foxfire f/Friends at Meeting for Business, 1-2-00
> <|>  the Meeting asked that the minute be brought to the attention of the
> SAYMA, and of other Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups.
> Written on the occasion of alarm over the situation
> between India and Pakistan
>     "Over half a century ago the world lost a great peacemaker, Mahatma
> Gandhi, who fell victim to a senseless act of violence.  What sorrow would
> he feel to know that the two nations he helped to independence are in a
> deadly nuclear arms race?  How much would this sorrow be compounded by the
> relative silence of the world to this ominous portent of mutual genocide?
> How will there be an intervention between two governments that stand side by
> side as brothers in enmity?  Neither pretends to world domination.  No ocean
> separates them.  Were one to conquer the other, how would the conqueror
> occupy the poisoned soil of its vassal?
>     "In the firm belief that peace is possible, we call out to all the
> world.  Let there be a day of fasting on this and each subsequent January
> 30, the anniversary of Gandhi's death, as a protest by all people of good
> will against the actions of all governments that pursue nuclear
> intimidation; and let this day of fasting be repeated annually until the
> last nuclear weapon on earth is disarmed and rendered harmless. Send this
> message through all means of communication from one person to another that
> all may hear and act on this message in keeping with the spirit of peace as
> represented in the life of Mahatma Gandhi, those not able to fast supporting
> this message through other peaceful means.  Let the people of the world
> gather in the spirit of love and hope, united in supporting the safety and
> peace of all people of all nations as the primary goal for all our
> governments."
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