Michael Shell brightcrow at InfoAve.Net
Tue Jan 4 21:43:58 JEST 2000

Dear Friends,

Right now I am sitting here with a boiling fury inside me which I don't
want to lend any energy to, and which I do not want to direct at others,
yet which it would help me to name.

As some of you know, the Vermont Supreme Court recently ruled that the
State of Vermont must grant to same-sex couples all of the same rights and
privileges which it grants to opposite-sex couples.  The Court stopped
short of legalizing gay marriage, yet it challenged the Legislature to deal
honestly with the issue.  The Governor is waffling and opposes gay marriage.

My fury is stirred because, as my spouse Jim just informed me, once again,
the homophobic forces of this nation are organizing and rallying their...I
want to say "minions"... to intervene.  They are calling Governor Howard
Dean in massive numbers to persuade him to act against the Vermont Court's
ruling and oppose granting any sort of equity to same-sex couples.

Please, if any of you feel moved to do so, call Governor Dean at
(802)828-3333 (between 8 AM and 4 PM) or e-mail Lieutenant Gov. Douglas A.
Racine <ltgov at> and express your support for the Vermont
Court's decision.

Friends, help me not to send out the violent anger I feel.  
The Hawaii Supreme Court had issued a similar ruling, and the Religious
Right intervened in Hawaii to support a successful move to amend that
state's constitution, preventing same-sex marriages.  Even before that,
dozens of states and the U.S. Congress passed laws-- unconstitutional
laws-- codifying an intent not to honor same-sex marriage contracts of any
state which might in the future honor such marriages.  Now, Vermont.

I want to call for vengeance, when what is needed is justice.

Please hold us all in the Light on this issue.

Blessed Be,

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