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Mary Calhoun moriah at
Sun Jan 9 10:05:16 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 036
Information to give in order
to register for Winter Rep Meeting
but you still need a registration packet!

<|>  Information to supply by phone or e-mail, in order to register for
Winter Rep Meeting, is given below.

<|>  By e-mail (only):  Beth Ensign, hensign at

<|>  By phone (only):  Loretta Miller, 404-315-7395

<|>  You will need the packet even if you register by e-mail/phone; it
contains maps, directions, agenda, and other important information.

<|>  If you need a packet, and didn't see your name in IMP^o^ 035, please --
-- contact a person who was listed (5 people can register on one form), or
-- contact the SAYMA office at 540-628-5852, moriah at

<|>  Everyone coming must be registered!

<|>  Info needed for Rep Meeting Registration:

1.  If you need childcare please notify Loretta Miller right away.  We may
be unable to care for children registered at the last minute.

2.  Your name and address

3.  Purpose for attending:  Rep Meeting, M&N, YM Planning, other, child
(please specifically identify children, their ages, and needs)

4.  Year your term ends (of the role(s) that bring(s) you to Rep Meeting)

5.  Meeting or Worship Group name

6.  Your contact info:  area code + phone number (& e-mail address if you
have one)  If giving both, please indicate the preferred means of

7.  Hospitality needed (place to sleep & light breakfast provided by local

    (a)  Please indicate people who can share a room...
    (b)  ...& those who can share a bed.
    (c)  Friday night for (#) ____ people.  Expected time of arrival: ______
    (d)  Saturday night for (#) ____ people.  Expected time of arrival:
    (e)  Please say who is arriving when, if group is not traveling
    (f)   Would you be comfortable, with proper directions, using public
transportation to get to the Meetinghouse Sat am? This could simplify host
assignments; MAARTA bus/train system stops near AFM, runs direct from the
airport, is very clean, & has lots of people using it.   yes/no
    (g)  Any special needs? (Vegetarian, vegan, special diet, house without
stairs, hills, wood smoke, pets, or a child-proof house, etc. ...?)

8.  Childcare resources will be limited.  Please call Loretta Miller,
404-315-739 (H) right away to see if it can be arranged.  If you need child
care, please send, on a separate page, the name(s), age(s), and special
needs of child(ren) requiring care.

~~~~~~~end ^o^ ~~~~~~

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