IMP^o^ 037 Minute Reminder

Mary Calhoun moriah at
Sun Jan 9 13:43:39 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 037
Reminder --
Proposed SAYMA Popluation Minute
from Asheville Monthly Meeting

(from a 1-6-00 message from Kim Carlyle)

REMINDER: SAYMA Population Minute

<|>  As you recall, a minute on world population concerns was presented at
Yearly Meeting last June.

<|>  Since then, several Monthly Meetings have provided input which has been
included in a revision that was circulated to all MMs. *

<|>  Please take time within your MM to consider the work that has been done
so far and bring any comments to Rep Meeting in Atlanta. We would like to
move forward on this important issue and seek YM approval.

Respectfully submitted,

Kim Carlyle
Asheville Friends Meeting

*(AA's note:  This revision was posted as IMP 009.r on 10-1-99.  Contact the
SAYMA office if your meeting's copy has gone astray.)

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