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IMP ^o^ Bulletin 039
Minute on
Economic Sanctions Against Iraq
from Nashville (TN) Monthly Meeting

(from a 1-13-00 message from Mina Baisch, Clerk, Peace and Social Concerns
Committee, Nashville Friends Meeting)

Minute on Economic Sanctions Against Iraq

<|>    "Nashville Friends Meeting expresses its deep concern about the
effects of economic sanctions on civilians in Iraq.

    "1)  Sanctions against Iraq have caused a great increase in the
country's mortality rates, especially among children.  The United Nations
Children's Fund (UNICEF) reports that rates of childhood mortality in Iraq
in 1997 were running 90,000 deaths per year in excess of rates of mortality
that prevailed in 1989 before the Gulf War.  (Situation Analysis of Children
and Women in Iraq, p. 42, 1998, UNICEF).  The report also states that large
percentages of Iraq's living children suffer from acute malnutrition, life
threatening diseases, stunting of normal development, and educational and
social disruption.  The report attributes these increases in mortality and
severe health problems to the effects of the economic sanctions enforced by
the U.N. Security Council.

    "Denis Halliday, a veteran of 34 years of service with the United
Nations, resigned in protest in October 1998 after thirteen months as the
U.N. Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.  In an interview with The Progressive
(February 1999, p. 28).  He said that as a result of sanctions '...Thousands
are being killed right now, under U.N. auspices.  We are killing 6,000 or
7,000 every month.'

    "These conclusions are consistent with reports of the United Nations
humanitarian agencies and observations by numerous non-governmental human
rights delegations.  One of these consisted of a delegation of six
pediatricians and child welfare specialists who visited Iraq in November
1998 on behalf of Americans Friends Service Committee.  (Child & Maternal
Health & Nutrition in Iraq under the Sanctions,12/98, AFSC, 1501 Cherry St.,
Philadelphia 19102)

    "2)  These severe effects on the life, health, and social structure of
civilians constitute a violation of the fundamental principles of
international law, the peacemaking principles and intent of the United
Nations Charter, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the

    "3)  The government of the United States, because of its dominant power
and influence in the Security Council, shares with the government of Iraq
great responsibility for the political deadlock that has caused these deadly
conditions to continue for nine years.  We, as citizens of the U.S. bear a
grave responsibility for the actions of our government.

    "4)  It is urgent that an alternative solution be found that will end
the United Nations economic embargo and allow Iraq to restore its economy
and social structure through normal trade and economic activity, with
supplementary help from U.N. humanitarian programs and other available
resources in the world community.

    "5)  Such a settlement could be tied to a United Nations program that
would monitor and limit future accumulation of weapons by Iraq.  We also
believe that reductions in the weapons arsenals of all governments in the
Middle East would reduce tensions in the region.  The United States and
other countries involved in the arms trade would need to be involved in such


<|>    "Nashville Friends Meeting authorizes its Peace and Social Concerns
Committee to:

    "1) Transmit our concern and supporting evidence to our senators,
congressional representatives, and president, and urge them to support these
recommendations for changes in policy toward Iraq.

    "2)  Authorize the Meeting's representatives to the Nashville Peace and
Justice Center to support this issue as a priority concern for action by the

    "3)  Transmit our concerns, along with supporting evidence, to monthly
meetings and worship groups with the request that they consider the concern
and respond by bringing it to the yearly meeting level, and by contacting
Friends Committee on National Legislation, their federal representatives,
and the president of the U.S.

     "4)  Transmit our concerns and supporting evidence to SAYMA for
consideration of approval of a minute to be shared with wider Quaker
organizations and other yearly meetings."

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