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           SAYMA Representative Meeting #95 (Winter)
               January 22, 2000 Atlanta, Georgia
Representatives Present: [R=Repsentative MN=Ministry and Nurture]Anneewakee Ck
Michael Allison
Suusan Carlyle-R
Kim Carlyle
Jean Gower-MN
Bobbi Keeler-MN
Patricia Fiske-R
?Dolph Goldenburg-
Tom Baugh
Kathy Burke-MN
Jeremiah Gold-
Mary Ann Downey
Bill Holland
Bev Barrett-R
Nancy Lee-Riffe
Toby Kramer-MN
Mary Litch-R
Connie LaMonte   
Bowling Green
Willard Vaughan
Bob French-R
Rachel Weir-R
Jane Goldthwait-
Charleston WV
Bill Reynolds-R
Sallie Prugh-R
Robbin Jones-MN
Mary Calhoun
Edie Patrick-MN
Penny Wright
Sandie Scott-R
Hibbard Thatcher
Pam Beziat-MN
Sara Rose
Daryl Bergquist
Swannanoa Valley
Kay Parke
Margaret Cooley
W. Knoxville 
Sharon Annis
Kendall Ivie
Lee Ann Swarm
Ernst Lee-MN
June Lee-R
1.  Southern Application Yearly Meeting and Association, Representative Meeting met for its Ninety
Fifth (95th) session on January 22, 2000 at Atlanta Monthly Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.  Penelope
Wright, Clerk, welcomed us all to this location on such a beautiful day.  The clerk closed the silence
by reading 

     Our testimonies arise from our way of worship.  Our way of worship evokes from deep within
     us at once an affirmation and a celebration, an affirmation of the reality of that Light which
     illumines the spiritual longing of humanity, and a celebration of the continual resurrection
     within us of the springs of hop and love; a sense that each of us i, if we will, a channel for a
     power that is both within us and beyond us.  Lornna M. Marsden, 1986, Quaker Faith and
     Practice, Britain Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends.

     In meeting for business, and in all duties connected with them, seek again the leadings of the
     Light; let our utterances be brief and without repetition.  Let us keep from obstinacy and from
     harshness of tone or manner and admit the possibility of being in error.  In all the affairs of
     the community, let us proceed in a peaceable spirit, with forbearance and warm affection for
     each other.  Faith and Practice of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends - 1985 

2.  The Clerk asked all present to introduce themselves and state which Monthly Meeting or Worship
Group they were members.  

3.  The Clerk reviewed the changes in the agenda since its initial publication which Friends approved.

     Welcome and Opening Worship
     Agenda Review and Revision
     Review and approval of minutes of afternoon session Fall Rep Mtg (#94)
     Ministry &Nurture Committee Agenda (concurrent meeting)
     Minute from Fox Fire
     Nominating Committee Report
     Friendly Woman Journal Update
     Site Committee Report
     Ad Hoc Committee re Paid Youth Staff Position Report
          Minute from Asheville
          Minute from Columbia
          Letter from Celo
     Personnel Committee Report
          Administrative Assistant Report
     Treasurer's Report
          Request from Lydia Esther Hearne
     Appreciation for Hosts
     Minute from Nashville concerning Iraq
     Finance Committee Report
     SAYF Committee reports (Steering & Oversight)
     Follow-up on Population Minute from Asheville MM
     Ministry & Nurture Committee Report
     Call for Faith and Practice Revision Recommendations - Asheville 
     Yearly Meeting Planning Committee Report
          Spring Representative Meeting (#96)
          (Agenda items and budget recommendations due)
          Subsequent '00 ? '01 Representative Meeting Dates & Locations
     Invitation to Memorial Worship for John Ball
     Closing Worship

Nancy Lee Riffe asked for discussion as to the opening time of the Representatives meeting. 
Historically in the Central time zone we began at 9:00 am and in the Eastern time zone we would
begin at 10:00 AM.  The clerk and the administrative assistance will take this into consideration for
future Representative Meetings.  Friends approved.

4.  Minutes from Afternoon session of Fall Rep Meeting #94.  Due to technical issues, the minutes
from the afternoon session of Representative Meeting ninety third (94th), while approved, were not
recorded and needed to be reconstructed. Friends reviewed and approved the minutes as presented
in the proceedings of Representatives Meeting #94.  With minor editing, the minutes were approved.

5.  Review of Agenda of Ministry and Nurture Committee Eddie Patrick, gave a brief over view:

     A. Ministry and Nurture will be considering meeting earlier than Representatives Meeting instead
           of the same time as Representative Meeting.
     B.  Discussion of Worship groups concerning their relationship with Monthly Meetings and with
     C.  Penelope Wright, Clerk, has asked whether the Ministry and Nurture Committee would consider
           working on a "State of the Yearly Meeting" Report by 2001 Yearly Meeting.
     D.  Review a report from Perry Treadwell regarding the Traveling Listening Ministry.
     E.  Is SAYMA interested in having an international sister Yearly Meeting?
     F.  Finishing work on documentation regarding SAYMA Representatives and other related documents.
6.  Correspondence - The Clerk has received electronically from Mary Ann Downey of Atlanta,
regarding a Clerking Workshop to be held in Atlanta Monthly Meeting on Feb 12, 2000.  Mary Ann
Downey was present and confirmed the information and welcomed all to attend.  A correspondences
was received from Errol Hess of William Penn House regarding Jr and Sr High Quaker Youth
workshop in February 19-21, 2000.  A correspondence was received regarding Right Sharing of
World Resources, Roland Kreager of Cincinnati, Ohio who sent information regarding their activities
and resources.  Rachel Weir of Celo reported regarding RSVP and their reorganization.  Friends

7.  Clerk Penelope Wright expressed deep appreciation regarding the receipt of minutes from Monthly
Meetings along with other information.  It is requested that this information and reports, also be
forwarded to Ministry and Nurture Committee for support in their possible development of the State
of the Yearly Meeting Report.  Monthly Meetings are reminded that not only should they be sending
the Minutes and newsletter to SAYMA but also to the Quaker Historical Archives at Guilford and
Swarthmore Colleges.  Friends Approved

8.  Clerk Penelope Wright expressed that several minutes will be presented today and that SAYMA
representatives have three actions which we can take:  1) Discuss the minute and take action today,
2) Discuss the minute  and put on Yearly Meeting agenda, or 3)  Not to discuss the minute but
forward the minute to Monthly Meetings for seasoning and consideration.

9.  Mary Calhoun of Foxfire Monthly Meeting presented the following minute.

     WORLD PEACE DAY MINUTE  Written on the occasion of alarm over the situation between
     India and Pakistan

     "Over half a century ago the world lost a great peacemaker, Mahatma Gandhi, who fell victim to a
     senseless act of violence.  What sorrow would he feel to know that the two nations he helped to
     independence are in a deadly nuclear arms race?  How much would this sorrow be compounded by
     the relative silence of the world to this ominous portent of mutual genocide?  How will there be an
     intervention between two governments that stand side by  side as brothers in enmity?  Neither
     pretends to world domination.  No ocean separates them.  Were one to conquer the other, how would
     the conqueror occupy the poisoned soil of its vassal?
     "In the firm belief that peace is possible, we call out to all the world.  Let there be a day of fasting
     on this and each subsequent January 30, the anniversary of Gandhi's death, as a protest by all people
     of good will against the actions of all governments that pursue nuclear intimidation; and let this day
     of fasting be repeated annually until the last nuclear weapon on earth is disarmed and rendered
     harmless. Send this message through all means of communication from one person to another that
     all may hear and act on this message in keeping with the spirit of peace as represented in the life of
     Mahatma Gandhi, those not able to fast supporting this message through other peaceful means.  Let
     the people of the world gather in the spirit of love and hope, united in supporting the safety and
     peace of all people of all nations as the primary goal for all our governments."

     Approved Foxfire Monthly Meeting January, 2000

10.  Representatives accept the receipt of the minute with appreciation and the minute will be sent
out to the Monthly Meetings.  It was also recognized that since the date of January 30, 2000 is
coming soon, that the minute be quickly disseminated to Monthly Meetings by announcement at the
close of Representative Meeting, and submission to Monthly Meetings.  Responses to the minute
should be forwarded to SAYMA office or the Clerk for finial consideration of action at the next
Representatives Meeting if requested.  

11.   Nominating Committee Report -  Lee Ann Swarm, Clerk of Nominating Committee, reported
that  the following persons for approval for the following positions and terms:

     Carol Ciscel to replace Carol Spraker for a one year term.
     Sallie Prugh for representative to AFSC Corporation (current alternative) 
          to replace Free Polazzo.
     Talmadge Neece for Finance Committee
     Angela Love for representative to Friends for Lesbian and Gay Concerns
     Ernest Lee for Ministry and Nurture Co-Clerk
     Margaret Farmer for SAYF co-clerk

Friends approved.
12.  Lee Ann Swarm continued with her report in that there are several positions in SAYMA which
need to be filled.  Representatives were encouraged to work in finding persons who would be willing
and able to provide these services to SAYMA.  At Yearly Meeting a number of positions will need
to be filled.  It is hoped that by April Representative Meeting a listing of persons will be available to
help the Nominating Committee to being the process of nominating people to all of the necessary

13.  "Friendly Women Journal" Update -       

Report to Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association Representative Meeting 1-22-00

Since the Fall Representative Meeting the SAYMA Friendly Woman production  team has produced our first issue on
                                                                           the topic of "Quaker Women's Spirituality and Ritual".  Though the magazine is still at the printer, we are hearing
                                                                           excited responses from women who have seen the proofs.  We are presently focusing on promotion to expand the
                                                                           subscriber base and planning for the submissions deadline of our second issue on 2-15 on the   topic of "Body Image". 
                                                                                                                                                                          Our third issue will be responses to a paper produced in the Women's Center at the 1999 Friends General Conference
                                                                                                                                                                          Gathering on "Goals For The Women's Movement in the Next Century". We are also planning ahead for an issue
                                                                                                                                                                          on"Diversity" which has generated much interest and excitement.  For the first time in its history Friendly Woman is
                                                                                                                                                                          being produced entirely electronically. This has not only enabled the geographically scattered women of SAYMA who
                                                                                                                                                                          have undertaken this effort to stay in close communication on a day-to-day basis, but it has allowed us to accept Friends
                                                                                                                                                                          women as volunteers to help with magazine production from as far away as Canada and Central America.

We are most appreciative of the opportunity to continue the illustrious twenty-five year old history of Friendly Woman
which has been produced by Yearly Meetings all over the US.  And we are most grateful to SAYMA for spiritual
support and encouragement of our efforts.

Respectfully Submitted by the members of the SAYMA Ad Hoc Committee to produce Friendly Woman: Penny
Wright, Nashville, Monthly Meeting, Ellen Johnson, Athens Monthly Meeting, Janet Minshall, Anneewakee Creek
Worship Group, Becky Ingle, Chattanooga Monthly Meeting, Peggy Bonnington, Nashville Monthly Meeting, Nancy
Beecher, Chattanooga Monthly Meeting, Kathleen Mavournin, West Knoxville Monthly Meeting, Nancy Whitt,
Birmingham Monthly Meeting, Judy Lumb, Atlanta Monthly Meeting (living in Belize, Central America).

Friends Approved

14.  Yearly Meeting Site Committee Report - Hibbard Thatcher, Clerk reported the following results
in regards to locating a site for the Yearly Meeting for the year 2001: 

     Site Selection Committee Report on January 5, 2000.  The following locations were reviewed:
     University of Tennessee at Chattanooga was unresponsive, 
     Covenant College too costly, 
     Cohutta Springs costly and restricted; 
     Berry College...? (costly? already booked?)
     Cumberland Univ. of Lebanon, TN.
     Carson-Newman College both booked for sports camps in June and part the rest of summer.
     Univ. of the South, Sewanee, is costly and largely reserved for their own (Episcopal) uses.  
     Piedmont College not suited, as they do not reserve but a few months ahead 
     Young Harris College quite expensive but attractive and accepting of advance reservations.  King College or
     East Tennessee State University - no data as of yet
     Cumberland College, Williamsburg, KY - found it feasible though not ideal

     At this time, the search is continuing.  The following locations will be visited: Shorter College in Rome GA,
Hiawasee College, Madisonville TN, and Bershba Methodist Conference Center.  The committee encourages and
invites participation in to gathering of information.

Friends approved.

15.  Ad Hoc Committee Concerning a Paid Youth Staff Position Report - Clerk Penelope Wright read
the following Minutes and correspondence: 

     Minute from Asheville.  "The meeting approved a minute of support for Friends who are unable to attend
     workshops because they are working with our youths, but are still paying full registration fees for SAYMA." 
     Approved Asheville MM July 1999

Clerk reported that further discussions with Asheville resulted in the review of earlier minutes of
support for these persons.   Concern about the paying of full fees when persons working for SAYMA
are unable to attend the YM events is referred to the finance committee for consideration of fee
wavier for these persons.  Under consideration are all youth workers and registrars.  

Friends approved.

     Minute from Columbia  The following minute was approved by the Meeting: Columbia Monthly Meeting
     of Religious Society of Friends urges SAYMA Representative Meeting to complete the preparation for hiring
     a staff person for SAYF by Seventh Month, 2000.  Approved by Columbia Monthly Meeting January, 2000.

     A letter from Rebecca Maher, Clerk of Celo Monthly Meeting, was read by the Clerk. 

     December 23, 1999
     Dear Penny,

     Celo Friends Meeting realizes the importance of SAYF (Southern Appalachian Young Friends).  We
     would like to have the process of setting policy and hiring of a paid part-time staff person to move
     as quickly as possible.

     Realizing the need to keep our volunteer adults from burning out, Celo Friends at the December
     Meeting for Business asked me to write this letter.


     Rebecca Maher, Clerk, Celo Monthly Meeting 

16.  Sharon Annis gave a verbal report of the current Ad Hoc Committee for a Paid Youth Staff
position activities.  She began by reviewing the minute forming the committee.  Work has begun and
there is a significant amount of work which needs to be accomplished.  Request was made that if
there is a special request or information needed from the committee please feel free to contact the
committee for further information.  

Concerns were raised regarding the financial requirements but the reality of the situation was
reviewed.  The committee is attempting to hold itself to a timetable but the volume of work is large. 

Fiends approved.

17.  Personnel Committee Report -  Sharon Annis gave a verbal report of the current Personnel
Committee activities.  She began by reviewing the minute forming the committee.  Work has begun
and there is a significant amount of work which needs to be accomplished.  The committee
membership currently consist of the members of the Administrative Assistant Oversight committee
plus the current Recording Clerk.

The committee is recommending that the Personnel Committee be formed beginning Yearly Meeting
2000 with the following persons as members:

     Two officers - It is suggested that they be the Recording Clerk and Assistant Clerk
     Two members at large
     One person from each program committee with a paid staff person.

Other issues which need attention include: liability, payment of taxes for employees, and development
of job descriptions.  The committee has taken the responsibility of finding a JYM Assistant

Friends Approved.

18.  SAYMA Administrative Assistant's Report to the Yearly Meeting
     During the time since the last Representative Meeting on 9-18-99 some thoughts have recurred to
     me.  As the Personnel Committee is about to find itself clerked, and get into matters of refining
     personnel practices, I bring these thoughts to you.

     At this point in the life of SAYMA and the AA position, with dozens of e-mails copied each
     "quarter" to Janet Minshall and Beth Keiter, it seems that a good deal of what goes on in the job
     could be just done, known about as it happens, and not recapitulated weeks later.  A "report as you
     go" model, cumulative. Four-per-year-reports run counter to this.  They fit the formalities of yearly
     meeting recording, but not the psyche of this employee, and probably not of the committee either. 
     So, this report is a sample, a model, a suggestion, a beginning of what I propose.

     Part A:    A checklist of "indicator" items 
     1.  Number of Faith and Practices sold -- 40
     2.  Faith and Practices inventory balance -- 97
     3.  Number of Faith and Practices asked for, not sold yet -- about 40
     4.  Number of first contacts from individuals seeking meetings, or potential SAYMA worship groups
     seeking SAYMA (names  & addresses) -- 1 (Tom Baugh, 3340 Shore Lake Dr., Tucker, GA 30084,
     The Northwest Georgia Mountains WG)
     5.  Number of computer issues requiring tech support (& nicknames) -- 8 (eicar, securecast,
     McMaintenance, tabs, tables, lockups, CC9, excel)
     6.  Number of computer issues resolved -- 1
     7.  Number of non-routine purchases, over $75 (item & amount) -- none
     8.  Number of IMP bulletins ( & types posted) -- 40+ (MM minutes, YM requests & reminders, YM
     session decisions, Rep Mtg notices & registration materials), memorial notice, census, WQO Rep
     alert & queries, special meetings)
     9.  Number of sayma at subscribers (change from last report) -- 77 (+10-15 )
     10.  Number of special requests from WQOs (names & what) -- 3 (conference outreach,
     meeting/clerks list)

     Part B:    Matters of Concern
     This would be based on extending our practice of copying virtually all my email correspondence to
     two members of the Personnel Committee.  When the subject of a correspondence seemed to be a
     matter the Personnel Committee &/or SAYMA should know about, messages would be copied to
     Committee members.  Feedback from members would advise whether a matter should come to the
     Yearly Meeting's general attention, and these replies would accumulate in their own email directory. 
     Their "subject lines," with very brief descriptions, would be reported as "Matters of Concern."  

     Part C:    "Cheers & Tears " (or a better name)
     A chance for the AA to briefly celebrate a high pint, and ventilate a low point, of the last few
     months. Since September, these would be  -- Tears:  (Really!) The debilitating experience of trying
     to get support from the computer industry; it helps me understand how an abused child feels: 
     obedient and beaten.  Cheers :  The fine and joyful things that are going on in the  SAYF program,
     that give SAYMA a reason for being that's tied to the phrase "future Quakers."  

Friends Approved.

19.  Concerns were raised regarding to the use of electronic mail and that not all of SAYMA is
electronically connected.  Examples were given by persons who have found ways to transfer the
information that they receive to the rest of their Monthly Meeting.  A concern was then raised as to
the necessity of such quick transmission of information.  Several Friends while supporting the use of
this gift also realized the need of seasoning to be applied to much of what comes to Friends
electronically.  Ministry and Nurture will be asked to help coordinate the identification of a member
within each Monthly meeting to transfer electronic mail to their Monthly Meeting.     

Friends Approved

20.   Treasurer's Report - W.E. Kendall Ivie gave the following report:

     Our financial health has steadily improved.  At this time in 1999 we had cash on hand of about
     $21,000, and today we have just over $22,000.  Of this amount approximately $5,000 is set aside in
     various funds.  I will be working on improving the accounting of the set aside funds.

     We have contributions of $4,750 to be paid during the next 6 months and $2,550 to transferred to
     set aside funds.

Friends Approved.

21.  Request from Lydia Esther Hearne - A letter was received from Lydia Hearne describing her
application to the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage the summer of 2000 and asking for a letter of support.
After some clarification, Friends approved that the clerks generate a letter of support for Lydia
Hearne in her application.

Since no financial amount was indicated in the letter, the Clerk contacted Lydia and discussed the
issue.  While she does have some monies and her Monthly Meeting has offered some support, 
SAYMA is offering to match her Monthly Meeting's contribution to a maximum of $375 for this
endeavor.  The monies will come from the Spiritual Development fund.

Friends Approved.

22.  Appreciation for Hosts - Hibbard Thatcher read the following Minute of Appreciation:

     SAYMA Friends have been warmed and heartened by te welcome and hospitality extended
     to us each by Atlanta Monthly meeting an d by many individuals and families of the Meeting. 
     The spacious setting f the meeting house and the gracious attentions to our needs and wants
     have made for a cordial and productive session of Representative Meeting - for which, our
     many thanks.

Friends Approved.

23.  Minute from Nashville concerning Iraq.  Sandie Scott of Nashville Monthly Meeting presented
the following minute after reviewing some of the history of the Minute:

     Minute on economic sanctions against Iraq.  Nashville Friends Meeting expresses its deep concern
     about the effects of economic sanctions on civilians in Iraq.

     1)  Sanctions against Iraq have caused a great increase in the country's mortality rates, especially
     among children.  The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) reports that rates of childhood
     mortality in Iraq in 1997 were running 90,000 deaths per year in excess of rates of mortality that
     prevailed in 1989 before the Gulf War.  (Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Iraq, p. 42,
     1998, UNICEF).  The report also states that large percentages of Iraq's living children suffer from
     acute malnutrition, life threatening diseases, stunting of normal development, and educational and
     social disruption.  The report attributes these increases in mortality and severe health problems to
     the effects of the economic sanctions enforced by the U.N. Security Council.

     Denis Halliday, a veteran of 34 years of service with the United Nations resigned in protest in
     October 1998 after thirteen months as the U.N.  Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq.  In an interview
     with The Progressive (February 1999, p. 28).  He said that as a result of sanctions (...Thousands are
     being killed right now, under U.N. auspices).  We are killing 6,000 or 7,000 every month.  

     These conclusions are consistent with reports of the United Nations humanitarian agencies and
     observations by numerous non-governmental human rights delegations.  One of these consisted of
     a delegation of six pediatricians and child welfare specialists who visited Iraq in November 1998 on
     behalf of Americans Friends Service Committee.  (Child & Maternal Health & Nutrition in Iraq
     under the Sanctions 12/98 AFSC, 1501 Cherry St., Philadelphia 19102)

     2)  These severe effects on the life, health, and social structure of civilians constitute a violation of
     the fundamental principles of international law, the peacemaking principles and intent of the United
     Nations Charter, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

     3)  The government of the United States, because of its dominant power and influence in the Security
     Council, shares with the government of Iraq great responsibility for the political deadlock that has
     caused these deadly conditions to continue for nine years.  We, as citizens of the U.S. bear a grave
     responsibility for the actions of our government.

     4)  It is urgent that an alternative solution be found will end the United Nations economic embargo
     and allow Iraq to restore its economy and social structure through normal trade and economic
     activity, with supplementary help from U.N. humanitarian programs and other available resources
     in the world community.

     5)  Such a settlement could be tied to a United Nations program that would monitor and limit future
     accumulation of weapons by Iraq.  We also believe that reductions in the weapons arsenals of all
     governments in the Middle East would reduce tensions in the region.  The United States and other
     countries involved in the arms trade would need to be involved in such reductions.

     Nashville Friends Meeting authorizes its Peace and Social Concerns Committee to:

     1)  Transmit our concern and supporting evidence to our senators, congressional representatives, and
     president, and urge them to support these recommendations for changes in policy toward Iraq.

     2)  Authorize the Meeting's representatives to the Nashville Peace and Justice Center to support this
     issue as a priority concern for action by the Center.

     3)  Transmit our concerns, along with supporting evidence, to monthly meetings and worship groups
     with the request that they consider the concern and respond by bringing it to the yearly meeting level,
     and by contacting Friends Committee on National Legislation, their federal representatives, and the
     president of the U.S.

      4)  Transmit our concerns and supporting evidence to SAYMA for consideration of approval of a
     minute to be shared with wider Quaker organizations and other yearly meetings.

     Approved Nashville Monthly Meeting January, 2000

Friends approved the acceptance of the minute and will send it on to Monthly Meetings.  The item
will be placed on Yearly Meeting agenda for review and if approved to be passed on to Wider Quaker

24.  Finance Committee Report - Kendal Ivie gave a verbal report.  Since the Finance Committee has
not meet, the report given is that of a Treasure working in the area of the Finance Committee.
Contact has been made with individuals in the obtaining IRS 501(c)(3) tax status but no results to
date.  No work has been performed with the area of liability insurance.  The financial impact of
changing programs has been investigated and for every increase of $10,000 of SAYMA expenses,
would require an increase of $15 to the individual assessments.

Friends Approved

25.  SAYF Committee reports (Steering & Oversight) - 

?Dolph Goldenburg gave the following report for the SAYF Steering Committee:

     I.  SAYF Paid Staff Person (SPSP) We desperately need to hire a SPSP by June, 2000.  We are
     burning adult leaders out quickly and may not have any clerk otherwise.

     II.  Recruitment of Steering Committee Members and a Co-Clerk - We desperately need additional
     steering Committee members and a co-clerk.  We plan to send a letter to Monthly Meetings
     informing them of our need for additional Steering Committee members and ask that Nominating
     Committee try to recruit additional members for the coming year.

     III.  A possible theme for SAYF Program at SAYMA is "Relationships, Sexuality and Spirituality". 
     We are considering a theme of Relationship, Sexuality and Spirituality for the SAYF Program at
     SAYMA.  As part of the theme, we would have an HIV/AIDS educator (who would ideally be a
     Friend) made a presentation.  We are also considering two panel discussions.  The first would
     include a panel of HIV-infected persons, some of who would be Friends, The second would be a
     panel of straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Friends. If you have ideas or would like
     to help with this retreat, please call Margaret Farmer at 828-298-5961.

     IV. There is a continuation in the gathering of Minutes/Letters of support for individual FAPs.

     V.   Over the previous weekend, there was a SAYF retreat here in Atlanta.  Due to a meditative walk at
     Martin Luther King memorial, a newspaper article was generated which gave good publicity to Quakers.

Friends Approved

26.  Dick Houghton gave a verbal report from the SAYF Oversight Committee.  Dick reviewed the
purpose and origin of the committee which is to handle the concerns of the parents and Monthly
Meetings and provide support to the SAYF Steering Committee. 

Friends Approved 

27.  Kim Carlyle presented a verbal report on the formation of an environmental group.

     Several Friends meet and agreed to establish an "Ecological Concerns Network" whose goal will be
     to raise the level of ecological awareness and its relevance to Friends Testimonies within Yearly
     Meeting.  We plan to seek status as a Yearly Meeting committee and to convene a general meeting
     of ecologically concerned SAYMA Friends in June at our gathering.
After a discussion of clarification on the issues, Friends Approved to refer this issue to the Clerk's
Advisory Committee for review and consideration.

28.  In the discussions, a concern was raised in the method social concerns come before the Yearly
Meeting.   After some further discussion Friends approved that this concern be referred to the Clerk's
Advisory Committee for review and consideration.
29.  Follow-up to Population Minute - Clerk Penelope Wright brought forth this issue which is a
continuation concern of Asheville Monthly Meeting.  Kim Carlyle responded to the responses from
Monthly Meetings.   Other Friends and Meetings are encouraged to continue considering this minute
for action at Yearly Meeting.  

Friends Approved

30.  Ministry & Nurture Committee Report - Edie Patrick, gave a brief overview of their activities
which is covered in their minutes.  A sub-committee has formed with in Ministry and Nurture to
review the submitted revisions of Faith and Practice including updating purpose and function of
Ministry and Nurture Committee.  The description and responsibilities for the SAYMA
representatives has been slightly revised and will be submitted in the April, 2000 Representative
Meeting for Yearly Meeting approval.

Friends Approved

31.  Call for Faith and Practice Revision Recommendations - Clerk Penelope Wright discussed the
purpose of the call for changes to A Guide to Our Faith and Practice.  SAYMA's Faith and Practice
has been a valuable document over the years.  But the question has been raised if the Guide needs to
be revised to reflect the current operations and practices of SAYMA.  The request is being made of
all Monthly Meetings to review the Guide and note changes which they feel need to be made to bring
the Guide up to date.   

A small Ad Hoc Faith and Practice committee will be formed which would review all submissions and
then report to Yearly Meeting a summary of requests and a recommendation to the need for revisions
of the Guide. Friends Approved.

32.  The membership of this committee will be requested from the Monthly Meetings.  By March,
2000 Monthly Meetings, if desired, need to recommend to the Clerk any persons who are interested
in working on this committee.  The Clerk will then appoint the members by April Representatives
Meeting.  The members will serve only until the end of Yearly Meeting, 2000.  Friends Approved.

33.  Yearly Meeting Planning Committee Report - 

Margaret Cooley began the report by  reporting that due to construction at Warren Wilson College, 
the main meeting room will not be available and therefore traffic patterns and meeting locations will
be different.  Due to growth, it is more important that needs and concerns are brought forth early
enough for the committee to consider.

Susan Carlyle continued by  reporting that the cost of the meals have gone up $0.50 per meal.  All
other fees have remained the same.  There will be a late fee of $25.00 for any application after May
15, 2000.  Warren Wilson requires this information to be able to work with their on site vendors.   

Dick and Maaret Houghton, YM Planning Co-Clerks gave the following report which Friends

     SAYMA PROGRAM for 8th June to 11th June 2000.  Our theme is "Beyond Tolerance - Toward
     Trust: Exploring the Spiritual Diversity Among SAYMA Friends".  The theme came out of our
     worship in YM Rep Meeting almost two years ago when we learned that there are Friends in our YM
     who are feeling threatened about sharing their spiritual language, messages, and faith journeys
     because they do not think others will tolerate them.  There have also been several Friends who have
     left various MM's and WG's because they felt the same way.  We ask each of you to help make our
     MM/WG's aware of the origins of this theme. Begin discussing it now.  Come to YM in a spirit of
     openness and welcoming, aware of our actions, our words and our intentions.  We hope that Yearly
     Meeting for 2000 will be filled with worship, centered attention to SAYMA business, reunions of
     Friends and opportunities to explore the diversity of spirit led expressions by many of our SAYMA

     Plenary Session  Thursday Evening
     We will continue the sharing of our State of the Meeting/Worship Group Reports. We ask that your
     report include a survey of the spiritual diversity present in your Monthly Meeting/Worship Group.
     Please tell us how this works in your group. You may wish to look at the YM Queries (which we
     have included) as a framework for your responses. As always, please come prepared with copies of
     your Meetings Report to share with us at YM.

     Friday Evening
     "Nurturing Unity Amidst Diversity: Unity in the Spirit, Not Uniformity of Belief"  Richard Barnes,
     Pendle Hill Director of Development, will involve us in an interactive experience of exploring the
     spiritual diversity present in our SAYMA Yearly Meeting  Saturday Evening.  We will have the
     opportunity to listen to several of those among us share their spiritual paths in their own language.
     Welcome Michael Shell, Mary Calhoun, Gary Salk, Nancy Beecher, Peter Buck, Julia Ewen and
     ?Dolph Goldenberg.

     Workshops will be an opportunity for exploring many facets of our Spiritual Diversity.  Ellen
     Johnson is the chairperson for workshops this year and the plans are as follows:  Workshops (6 or
     7 concurrent gatherings)  Friday 1:00 - 2:30 and Saturday 1:00 - 3:55.  Topics are:

     Clerking with Joy and Confidence: Mary Ann Downey, Atlanta MM
     Clerk's Gathering: Tom McGuigan, Atlanta MM 
     Spiritual Diversity in our Monthly Meetings: Free Polazzo, Annewakee WG
     Nurturing Unity Amidst Diversity: Richard Barnes, Pendle Hill
     A Scientist Seeking God: Perry Treadwell, Atlanta MM
     God as We Understand God: The 12 Steps and Quakerism: Ellen Johnson, 
          Athens (GA) MM
     The Beginnings of Quakerism: Bill Holland, Atlanta Monthly Meeting
     FCUN and Ecological Public Policy: Kim Carlyle, Asheville MM
     Sigrid Lund, A Friends' World Hero: Kay Parke, Swannanoa MM
     Learning Improvisation? Another of Life's Paradoxes!: Kathleen Mavournin, 
          West Knoxville MM
     Our Role as Individuals in America's Racial History: Sharing the Experience of Atlanta Friends
     Mosaic Path: Peggy Bonnington, Nashville MM
     Give Yourself a Tune-Up (Musical Toning): Connie Lamonte, Birmingham MM
     Hiking near Warren Wilson College: Chris & Ollie Ahrens, Swannanoa MM
     Friends Committee on Outworld Relations: J. Philip Neal, Ashville MM
     Friends World Committee for Consultation: Presentation by FWCC Representative
     Junior Yearly Meeting
     Junior Yearly Meeting coordinators ask that parents bring their children to the JYM space and sign
     them in each day. When picking children up at noon and at supper time, please sign them out.  If
     it is before the end of the session, inform JYM staff that your child is leaving. This helps the Friends
     who organize and carry out Junior Yearly Meeting to know exactly which children they are
     responsible for at any given time. In the evenings, children will met their parents in the Barker lobby
     after the evening program; children and parents are welcome at the evening Meeting for Worship
     immediately following.

     JYM needs adult volunteers.  Contact: Georgi Schmitt at 6328 Strawberry Plains Pike, Knoxville,
     Tn 37914  (423) 524 7425.

     SAYMA Young Friends
     The high school Young Friends will have a block of dorm rooms and a lounge reserved for their
     meetings.  Margaret Farmer will be the lead FAP from the SAYF Steering Committee The SAYF
     Nurturing and Steering committees is developing the program and schedule for Young Friends and
     times for their participation in the adult program.

     Location of Yearly Meeting  Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC. See the Registration Form
     for cost.  Directions to the College will be sent with the registration material.  Camping is not
     permitted on the campus but there are commercial campsites in the Swannanoa vicinity. 

     Worship Sharing Queries  
     Friday  June 9        1. Can anyone be a Quaker?  Do we stand for anything?  Is there a line?  What
     is the core shared spiritual beliefs of Friends?  2. Why do you stay among SAYMA Friends?  3.How
     open can I be in and to my Meeting?  Am I able to trust the Meeting?

     Saturday- June 10   1. Do you accept diversity in an understanding and reconciling spirit and make
     use of it for the enrichment of the Meeting? (SAYMA Faith and Practice p.40)  2 Are you
     considerate of differing views, coming to a decision only when the meeting has found a sense of
     unity?  Do you hold to the Light the need to share your views even though you are in the minority? 
     Can you allow the meeting, if it is so led, to go forward even though you are not in full agreement? 
     (SAYMA Faith and Practice p.39)  3. Do you admit the possibility of being in error?  Are you
     teachable?  4. How are you using your gifts to the extent of your ability? Having been entrusted with
     talents by God, are you fully aware of the depth of commitment required for their use?

     Sunday- June 11    1. Do you make use of the Bible, the writings of Friends, and other inspirational
     literature, being open to new light from wherever it may come?  Do you seek to understand and
     appreciate those of other faiths?  (SAYMA Faith and Practice p.41)  2. How do we practice listening
     to the Truth, which may be revealed by others?  (North Pacific YM Faith and Practice)  3. Are we
     careful that our ministry is under the leading of the Holy Spirit?  (New York YM Faith and Practice)

     Chat&Chew - In 199, the program committee  provided the refreshments.  This year, Monthly
     Meetings are asked to volunteer to take a specific night.

Changes the times have been made from previous years and are outlined in the attachement.  Yearly
Meeting Committees will meet on Thursday afternoon and meeting for business will be shortened due
to workshop times.  Friends Approved

Saturday night, the programs will be adjusted to allow for Meeting for Remembrance.  Friends

34.  Reminders - Clerk Penelope Wright reminded all of the dates and locations of the following
events:  Spring Representative Meeting (#96) to be held at Asheville Monthly Meeting on April 8,
2000. At that time, agenda items for Yearly Meeting need to be brought forward and budget
recommendations will also be due to be included in the budget.   Yearly Meeting will be held at
Warren Wilson College on June 8-11, 2000.  The dates as listed in the proceedings of Rep Meeting
number 94 were also reviewed.  

35.  September 16, 2000, Representative Meeting will be held in Chattanooga Monthly Meeting. 
Friends Approved.

36.  Friends were invited to attend the Memorial Worship for John Ball to be held following
Representatives Meeting. 

37.  Friends approved the editing of minutes and reports as needed.  The minutes for this session were
approved as presented.  The session closed with a period of worship, to reconvene on April 8, 2000
at Asheville Monthly Meeting in Asheville, North Carolina.

________________________________                         _________________________________
    Penelope Wright, Clerk                        Willard Vaughan, Recording Clerk

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