Nuclear Waste In Your Backyard in Ga. (and Most of SAYMA)!

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Mon Jan 31 11:20:45 JEST 2000

Hello Sayma Friends,

Please call your senator and President Clifton to urge then to stop this 
bill.   I have gone to the maps that are linked in the email and seen that
Nashville and Columbia are also on the "path" of the nuclear waste 
trail.  Check it out.  Please act now.
Free Polazzo
Anneewakee Creek Worship Group

> > The following is a message from the Ga. Rural Urban Summit.
> >Please feel free to forward or bounce this message. Thank you.
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >
> >URGENT ALERT: Nuclear Waste Vote in Congress Effects Georgia
> >
> >ALERT: Congress to vote this week on "Mobile Chernobyl" Legislation that
> >would trigger the largest nuclear waste shipping campaign in history, to
> >bail out noncompetitive, dirty nuclear power industry by sending waste
> >to Yucca Mountain, which is known to leak and belongs to the Western
> >Shoshone Nation, which does not want our waste.
> >
> >Georgia impacts: More than 8,600 shipments of highly radioactive waste
> >would travel on highways and railways in Georgia over a 30 year period.
> >Nationally, there will be 10's of thousands of shipments across 43
> >states within 1/2 mile of 50 million people who live along the rail
> >routes alone.
> >Yes, some of this waste will be leaving Georgia reactors, but most will
> >be traveling through from out of state.
> >
> >Want to see a map of the projected routes in Georgia? Check out the
> >Department of Energy's new website with their assumed routes:
> >
> >
> >Then see how many schools and hospitals are near these same routes when
> >you visit the Atomic Atlas at:
> >
> >
> >This is the first anti-environmental vote of the new millennium....
> >Calls needed to Senators  (Georgia's Senators have supported this bill
> >but Cleland might be moved)
> >
> >Cleland  202-224-3521
> >Coverdell  202-224-3643
> >All others: 202-224-3121  (Capitol Switchboard)
> >
> >Talking points on why the national environmental community opposes (from
> >grassroots to large national member groups) this legislation follows the
> >short "message."
> >
> >Short Message: Oppose S 1287, the Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments.
> >Support President Clinton's veto and the Nevada Senator's filibuster.
> >[add your thoughts here about a 30 year nuclear waste shipping campaign
> >near your home]
> >
> >We need as many calls as possible into Senate offices to oppose S. 1287
> >before Wednesday! Activate phone trees! Call your friends! And get
> >letters to the editor in now! Even if you've called your Senator before,
> >
> >call again now!
> >
> >The vote on Wednesday is a procedural vote (or cloture vote to cut off
> >floor debate), and will be followed by the floor vote on S 1287 itself,
> >a few days later (depending on how the deal is cut).
> >There is no chance of voting this procedural vote down, or the bill
> >down. However, President Clinton has consistently, since 1995 promised
> >to veto this legislation. Therefore, even if we don't win, we need to
> >have a veto sustaining margin-- which is 1/3 of the Senate plus 1.
> >This is a critical vote!
> >
> >Further alerts on the status of the process, may follow this one but
> >updates will be posted regularly on the Nuclear Information and Resource
> >Service Website:
> >Let's make this the first environmental victory of the century!
> >
> >Mary Olson, NIRS Southeast
> >P.O. Box 5647
> >Augusta, Georgia  30916-5647
> >706-722-8968
> >
> >Campaign for a Prosperous Georgia
> >Sara Barczak
> >Safe Energy Organizer
> >427 Moreland Avenue, NE
> >Suite 100
> >Atlanta, GA 30307
> >404-659-5675 voice
> >404-659-5676 fax
> >saracpg at
> >
> >
> >TALKING POINTS: High-Level Nuclear Waste Policy Act or Mobile Chernobyl
> >
> >
> >1. DOE's own data shows that the Yucca Mountain site will fail to
> >contain nuclear waste  - radioactive gases will be released and
> >radioactive waste will be washed into the ground water a short time
> >after the first containers fail.
> >
> >2. Containers do fail -  about 70 dry storage casks are in use at
> >reactors, there is already 1 "juvenile failure" - a cask with a faulty
> >weld - in less than 20 years. Repository casks will be made of different
> >material, but the manufacturing will be subject to the same
> >problems...there will be more than 10 thousand repository casks...and
> >so likely hundreds of early cask failures.
> >
> >3. DOE and Congress have both changed the rules of the game repeatedly
> >instead of disqualifying this site as their own regulations would call
> >for.
> >
> >4. Over 200 local, state, national and international environmental /
> >public interest organizations petitioned the DOE to disqualify the site
> >under existing repository Site Suitability Guidelines.
> >
> >5. DOE is in the process of attempting to change these Guidelines, even
> >while they are taking public comment on an Environmental Impact
> >statement that should be based on them.
> >
> >6. DOE denied the petition to disqualify, not because they could prove
> >the 200 groups were wrong, but because they want to study the site more
> >in order to try to prove us the mean time the site violates
> >a disqualifying condition for nuclear waste repositories -that requires
> >that water move very slowly in the ground. DOE's data shows that  water
> >travels very quickly through the Yucca Mt. rock.
> >
> >7. Since the Yucca Mountain site is not fit to isolate nuclear waste,
> >DOE has come to rely on engineered barriers for
> >containment...contradicting the legislative mandate for the program
> >which selected geologic isolation...if DOE is going to rely on engineered
> >structures, the whole process must be started over to examine
> >appropriate siting and design for engineered isolation.
> >
> >8. Instead of holding public hearings on Yucca, DOE should be holding
> >public meetings on how to start over on a high-level nuclear waste
> >program.
> >
> >9. Yucca Mountain repository project violates a treaty with the WESTERN
> >SHOSHONE NATION, there is an unsettled land dispute which DOE ignores.
> >
> >
> >1. Specific concerns and information about the routes near you might
> >include: proximity to schools, hospitals, water and food storage, other
> >vital resources, and also history of problems on these routes is very
> >appropriate to bring out. For projected routes and schools and hospitals
> >nearest you see select "Critical Mass Energy Project" to
> >
> >visit the ATOMIC ATLAS
> >
> >2. Concerns about environmental protection, safety, about liability,
> >disaster management, worker safety, incidental radiation exposure,
> >property value - in other words, HOW WILL 30 YEARS OF NUCLEAR WASTE
> >
> >3. Nationally, this is the largest nuclear waste shipping campaign in
> >history, affecting 43 states, hundreds of towns and cities and moving
> >more high-level waste each year than the last 30 years combined. DOE
> >says 50 million people live within = mile of the projected routes
> >
> >4. DOE's Environmental Impact Statement assumes specific routes, but
> >these have never been released or announced - ask DOE to provide
> >specific information on the routes in this area
> >
> >5. DOE averages those impacted by a severe shipping accident across the
> >whole US population when they say there is "no significant impact" in
> >early analysis. Make it clear this is not acceptable.
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> > Please visit our web site at to
> >review the text of our 1998 and 1999 comprehensive Georgia
> >Legislative Scorecards, find out how to link up with dozens
> >of issue advocacy and constituency groups in the state, and
> >learn more about pending  legislative issues.
> >
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