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IMP ^o^ Bulletin 067
Minute on
Ending the Economic Sanctions against Iraq
from Atlanta (GA) Friends Meeting

(from a 5-27-00 message from Renda McCaughan, Secretary, AFM)

<|>    Nashville Friends Meeting's letter and minute of March 1, 2000,
has encouraged Atlanta Friends to proceed with our own consideration
with regard to the ending of economic sanctions against Iraq.

<|>    The Minute below was approved May 21, 2000, during the May
Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business.

<|>    That same Meeting urged dissemination to the Monthly Meetings of
the Southeastern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association so that it
could be discussed within the individual monthly meeting before the
Yearly Meeting gathering in June, where we hope it will come up for
general deliberation.

<|>    Minute on Ending the Economic Sanctions against Iraq

<|>    "Moved by our belief that every human life is sacred, Atlanta
Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends calls on elected
officials to support the end of economic sanctions imposed by the United
Nations and to continue pursuing arms control with Iraq.  The economic
sanctions began as a temporary measure in August, 1990, after Iraq's
military invasion and occupation of Kuwait. The sanctions were to be
lifted when Iraq terminated its weapons of mass destruction under
international supervision and submitted to ongoing United Nations

            "However, it has been clear for some time that the economic
sanctions have not had their intended effect, and have instead created
devastating conditions for the Iraqi people. More than one million
civilians, mostly children, the sick, and the elderly, have died in the
ten years since sanctions were imposed. Broken-down water treatment and
sewage systems have led to outbreaks of typhoid, polio, and hepatitis.
Hospitals have inadequate disinfectants, medicine, or antibiotics to
treat diseases that would be cured routinely under normal circumstances.
Agricultural production has collapsed for want of fertilizers and
machinery. Atlanta Friends note with compassion the suffering of Iraqi
civilians at this
painful time.

            "It is time for a change in policy, to focus more clearly on
disarmament. For example, sanctions specifically affecting the leaders
of the Iraqi government should continue, including travel bans, freezes
on assets, and an embargo on luxury items and military materiel. The
international community should maintain and develop devices to control
arms manufacture and purchases for Iraq and the region, and exports of
military technology and weapons to Iraq should be more tightly
controlled. Broad economic sanctions against Iraq, however, have shown
themselves to be both immoral and ineffective, and should be stopped."

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