[saymaListserv] Request for information

Willard Vaughan teamenv at premiernet.net
Sun Jun 4 21:03:54 JEST 2000

John Self

I did not intend to shut down the light in anyone but the decision was made that
more time would be given toward workshops and such and less to Meeting for
Buisness.  It is generally one session of the Meeting for Buissness that the
reports are given.  But this year we have shorten our time and have several
important issues to consider.

I guess somewhere in the process something had to give way and it fell to the
wider quaker groups.  Each group has been instructed that if time allows, we
will try to work the groups in as available.

As to your comment as to 'something wrong with SAYMA".   Yes there is something
wrong and I am glad.  If we perfect and had our act together, we would not need
to meet and discuss the issues.  Instead there are several issues that we of
sayma need to meet and discuss - and no I do not feel we all agree with the
issues be they major or minor.

So I guess we all can be part of the solution or part of the problem - I feel
from your email that you want to be part of the solution and just not sure what
to do.  Well look me up at YM if you can I would love to continue this
converstation.   I'll be the only male at the head table.

Willard  Vaughan
your recording clerk for sayma

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