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Please allow me to take a moment and remind readers of the list serve that
only a small proportion of SAYMA members participate in the dialogues that
take place herein. Having said that, to the readers these contributors may
appear to BE SAYMA and we might be well guided to think about how our words
relfect upon ourselves, our Yearly Meeting and our Quaker faith. For me as
Clerk,  the difficulty in scheduling reports from our representatives to
wider Quaker organizations has not been without anguish. In fact they are
not cancelled, rather we respectfully ask that the representatives be ready
as way opens with windows in our business agenda to make succinct oral
reports. In fact that is not much of a departure from the process of the
past. We have traditionally had a rotation of featured WQOs that give fuller
reports/presentations. This year the featured WQO is FWCC, so that
representative report will be given in full, in lieu of the organization
being unable to send us someone. Additionally, because the concern of
SAYMA's relationship to AFSC(and SERO)is on the agenda for consideration we
will also hear those representatives reports. All submitted written reports
will be included in our Yearly Meeting minutes.
In Faith,
Penelope Wright, Clerk
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>> To all of you quakers out there
>>Wider Quaker Organizations - Well we just do not really have time to let
>>all have 10 minutes in the light
>I become more disillusioned with SAYMA  each time I log on. Something is no
>right spiritually "right"  with SAYMA.
>John Self
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