[saymaListserv] Request for information

Susan Jeffers SusanJeffers at compuserve.com
Mon Jun 5 17:22:04 JEST 2000

>>> To all of you quakers out there
>>Wider Quaker Organizations - Well we just do not really have time to let
>>all have 10 minutes in the light
>I become more disillusioned with SAYMA  each time I log on. Something is
>right spiritually "right"  with SAYMA.

My sense was that this Friend was originally objecting to the *tone* of the
original statement, which I have to agree also turned me off -- -- and
according to Penelope Wright's post, it wasn't exactly accurate anyway.

It's been my experience that EMail communication, while quick and
convenient, is particularly conducive to people taking things the wrong way
-- said in person, the above statement could have been delivered with a wry
smile, a sad look of regret, or some other non-verbal communication. As it
is, I took it as kind of flippant and insensitive -- which I seriously
doubt was the intention.

Thanks, Penny Wright, for clarification and reminder.

Susan Jeffers
member, Ann Arbor Monthly Meeting, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting
attender, Charleston (WV) Monthly  Meeting, SAYMA

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