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Mon Jun 5 18:33:01 JEST 2000

Perhaps it would help to understand that "more time for workshops" (at
least as far as I know) is linked to this one particular Yearly Meeting
theme, in which SAYMA is trying to do some work on a matter -- spiritual
diversity -- that has been a source of occasional difficulty.  In this
context, workshop-time might be construed as a way of doing the business
of the yearly meeting.

Mary Calhoun
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> I'm sorry to hear that business meeting will have "less time" and that
> was added to workshops.
> The reason for having Yearly  Meeting is the business, after all.  The
> is "extra".
> Interesting how we spent many years trying to figure out how to put
> time into business, especially to remove pressure from the clerk and
> setting the agenda.      There also needs to be "extra" or "open" time
> any agenda to allow for the Spirit to move during any meeting.    This
> especially true at SAYMA Yearly Meeting, where we only meet as a body,
> a year.
> Does anyone involved in the decision have any idea why the wider
> groups' time was deemed worthy of cutting?
> Free Polazzo
> Douglasville, Georgia
> At 08:03 PM 06/04/00 -0500, Willard Vaughan wrote:
> >John Self
> >
> >
> >I did not intend to shut down the light in anyone but the decision
> >made that
> >more time would be given toward workshops and such and less to
Meeting for
> >Buisness.  It is generally one session of the Meeting for Buissness
that the
> >reports are given.  But this year we have shorten our time and have
> >important issues to consider.
> >
> >I guess somewhere in the process something had to give way and it
fell to the
> >wider quaker groups.  Each group has been instructed that if time
allows, we
> >will try to work the groups in as available.
> >
> >As to your comment as to 'something wrong with SAYMA".   Yes there is
> >something
> >wrong and I am glad.  If we perfect and had our act together, we
would not
> >need
> >to meet and discuss the issues.  Instead there are several issues
that we of
> >sayma need to meet and discuss - and no I do not feel we all agree
with the
> >issues be they major or minor.
> >
> >So I guess we all can be part of the solution or part of the
problem - I feel
> >from your email that you want to be part of the solution and just not
> >what
> >to do.  Well look me up at YM if you can I would love to continue
> >converstation.   I'll be the only male at the head table.
> >
> >
> >
> >Willard  Vaughan
> >your recording clerk for sayma
> >
> >
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