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Susan Snider ssnider at m-y.net
Thu Jun 15 11:58:26 JEST 2000

Thanks to all Friends who made SAYMA's yearly meeting happen. I had not been at YM for 3 years, and I have not been active in YM committees or other duties lately. I am enormously thankful to the many people who do the work of Yearly Meeting, to make our business sessions and enrichment activities happen. I found it especially interesting to read and listen to the "state of our meetings" reports.  Many of the Friends in SAYMA have not had extensive contact with Friends elsewhere, often not even outside their own Meeting, so the chance to gather, worship and do business with others from around our region is especially valuable.

   The clerks deserve a special word of appreciation for all the time and attentiveness they give to conducting business sessions in a spirit of worship, helping to keep us on track as well as on time! For those who may not realize it, a major change occurred in that minutes are crafted, read and approved during the business sessions, rather than written later to be approved much later at reps meeting. This is a great improvement, and ensures that the tone of the discussion as well as decision-making is included and approved by those who are actually present for the session.

   Thanks once again to all who helped arrange, organize and participate in the YM gathering.

   Sue Snider
   Celo MM 
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