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Fri Jun 16 09:25:51 JEST 2000

Dear Friends,

This year the minutes of Yearly Meeting are ready to be read.  The
following is one of seveal emails that will have the proceedings and
minutes of yearly meeting.

I have broken it up so as to not have a really long file for anybody's
email service.  Please take to your monthly meetings for review and

Willard Vaughan
former recording clerk
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           Yearly Meeting #30 of SAYMA
         Warren Wilson College Swananoa North Carolina
    June Sixth Day (Friday), 2000 10:00 AM
June Sixth Day (Friday) Morning
    1.  After a period of silence, Clerk Penelope Wright, read from Psalm 138, a Hymn of
              I thank you Yahweh, with all my heart,
          for you have listened to the cry I uttered,
            In the presence of angels I sign to you,
               I bow down before your holy Temple
  I praise your name for your faithful love and your constancy;
             your promises surpass even your fame.
            You heard me on the day when I called, 
             and you gave new strength to my heart.
      2.  Introduction of Visitors - Clerk Wright closed the silence with a welcome to all on this
    beautiful day in such a lovely setting.  After a few general announcements from herself and
    others along with explanations of events to come she again welcomed all to the Yearly
    Clerk Wright then introduced the following visitors and guests:
             David and Virginia Wood, members of Dayton (OH) Friends Meeting and 
              FGC visitors.  A traveling minute from FGC and letter of introduction from
              Dayton Meeting were read.  Friends approved the SAYMA clerks endorsing
              the minutes from FGC and Dayton Monthly Meeting.
             Ken Miller, Associate Secretary of FGC  was introduced and spoke regarding
              FGC gathering.  
             Bridget Fitzwater, of  Earlham College was introduced by the reading of a
              letter of introduction from Earlham School of Religion.
             Martha Traylor of FCUN was introduced but had not arrived yet.
             Courney Siceloff of Atlanta Meeting was introduced as the AFSC designated
             Richard and Mary Barnes of Maury River Monthly Meeting and Director of
              Development and Fund Raising for Pendle Hill were introduced.  Richard
              will be the plenary speaker for this YM.  Richard spoke briefly regarding
              different programs of Pendle Hill and other programs with which he and
              Mary are associated.
             Frank Cummings interim director of AFSC/SERO introduced himself.
    3.  Distribution of '99 Proceedings - Clerk Wright discussed the need to simplify the task
    of recording the attenders.   It was further noted that this would be the last year that the
    proceedings would be approved at a later date since this Yearly Meeting's proceedings will
    be approved as generated.  Friends approved this change in process of the recording of
    proceedings and minutes as generated.   
    The names of each Monthly Meeting and Worship Group were called  asking for members
    of each group to stand.  At that time, the proceeding and minutes of Yearly Meeting #29 were
    distributed to each group.  Persons were asked to review the document which will be
    discussed later. 
    4.  Formation of the Epistle Committee - Clerk Wright asked for volunteers and the
    following persons indicated that they would generate an epistle: Mary Ann Downey,
    (Atlanta), Carol Lamb (Berea)  and Kit Potter (Nashville).  Friends Approved
    5.  Nominating Committee Preliminary Report - Connie LaMonte of Nominating
    committee presented the following persons for positions within SAYMA:
    Person to Hold Position
    Beginning Date
    Ending Date
    Monthly Meeting
    Penelope Wright
    Assistant Clerk
    Sharon Annis
    W. Knoxville
    Bettina Wolff
    SAF Editor
    Rebecca Maher
    SAYF Steering
    Karen Morris 
    Toni Rockwell
    Sigurd Christensen
    W. Knoxville
    Charles Cliver
    Barbara Esther
    AFSC Corp
    Jonah Mc Donald
    Kim Carlyle
    Friends approved.  Connie continued by naming the positions which still need to be filled
    and explaining some of the specific requirements of each position. 
    6.  Treasurer's Year-End Report - Kendal Ivie presented the following report.
         Treasurer's Report  6/8/2000
         SAYMA currently has $17,179 in available funds.  SAYMA will end the fiscal year 2000
with approximately $16,500 in available funds plus $4,953 in dedicated funds.  See the account
balances Report for details.
         The 2000 SAYMA Yearly Meeting is expected to have income of $19,120 and expenses of
$21,482 creating a projected loss for the Yearly Meeting of $2,362.
         For the fiscal 2000 year to date SAYMA has income of $45,842 and expenses of $44,448
leaving a net increase of $1,394.  Details of income and expense to date are included in the
FY2001 Proposed    Budget.
         The Treasurer with the approval of the Clerk reserved the Internet domain name
    Account Balance 6/7/00
    Cash and Bank Accounts
        Checking $15,295.00
        Savings $1,884.21
        TOTAL Cash and Bank Accounts  $17,179.41
    Other Assets    
    FWCC - 3rd World Del     $0.00
    FWCC Triennial Fund  $1,676.00
    Payroll Assets   $0.00
    Released Friend Fund    $1,750.00
    Spiritual Development Fund    $582.00
    YM Scholarship Fund    $0.00
     Youth Quake $945.00
    TOTAL Other Assets  $4,953.00
    TOTAL ASSETS    $22,132.41
    Other Liabilities     ($0.03)
    Payroll Liabilities     ($0.03)
    TOTAL Other Liabilities    ($0.03)
    TOTAL LIABILITIES    $22,132.44
    OVERALL TOTAL    $22,132.44
      Friends Approved.  Kendall Ivie continued with the following PROPOSAL:
         Request by Kendall Ivie for Permission to Develop a Web Site for SAYMA
         SAYMA has already registered the domain SAYMA.ORG.  I propose to develop and
maintain the         SAYMA web site oversight of the design and content by the Clerk's Advisory
Committee, I will        cover the cost of hosting the Web site with and maintain it at least until
the 2002 YM.
         The Web site will have at a minimum the following features and content:  
         1.  History of SAYMA (based on history by Hibbard Thacther)
         2.  How to contact SAYMA to include: phone numbers, addresses and email addresses.
         3.  How to contact monthly meetings and worship groups in SAYMA to include: Internet
links if        available, phone numbers, addresses email, map to meeting house, and times and
date of meeting for         worship.
         4.  Calender of events
         5.  Link to other Quaker organizations.
         6.  Email accounts for SAYMA officers, staff and clerks of committees in the format of
         Treasurer at SAYMA.ORG.  These can either be a mail b ox or setup to forward to the
appropriate         mailbox.
         7.  Possibility of hosting web sites of Monthly Meetings worship groups and SAYF in the
format of         www.SAYMA.ORG/SAYF.
         8.  Downloadable documents in Adobe Portable Document File Format: Faith and
Practices,         Handbook, YM Registration forms, SAYF retreat forms, Yearly Meeting
Minutes, and Representative     Meeting Minutes.  
    A concern was raised as to the exclusive use of PDF format since persons without sight can
    not utilize PDF formats.  It was further asked that could not both text files and PDF be
    utilized.  No problems were noted and this will be taken into account in the development of
    the web site.  Concerns and questions of other Friends were heard and addressed.   It should
    be noted that Kendall's offer of financing the web site would be consider a donation to
    In two years the web site will be evaluated and it will be determined if SAYMA will
    continue with this endeavor.  Two friends have agree to work with the development of the
    site: Susan Cozzens (Atlanta) and Tom McGuigan (Atlanta).
    Friends approved with the intent to make the web site accessible to all persons.  SAYMA
    would like to express it deep appreciation for his work in this area.

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