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Dear Friends,
> This year the minutes of Yearly Meeting are ready to be read.  The
> following is one of seveal emails that will have the proceedings and
> minutes of yearly meeting.
> I have broken it up so as to not have a really long file for anybody's
> email service.  Please take to your monthly meetings for review and
> such.
> Willard Vaughan
> former recording clerk
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Yearly Meeting #30 of SAYMA
Warren Wilson College Swananoa North Carolina

June 09, 2000 - Sixth Day (Friday) Afternoon

After silence Clerk Penelope Wright read the following:

     "Life is God's gift to you.  The way you live it is your gift to God"
                         Yogi Desai

  8.  Announcements included an update of William Penn House in Washington DC by Nancy
Lee-Riffe.  Friends were encouraged to pick up a brochure about the William Penn House which
recently  has undergone several major changes: A new roof, air conditioning has been added, and
new mattresses on all beds.  WPH is within waking distances of the Capital, it is a wonderful and
inexpensive site for Quaker youth seminars as well as tourists.

Kim Carlyle gave the following announcement:

     QUAKER ECO-WITNESS MISSION STATEMENT:  Quaker Eco-Witness will promote US
government and corporate policies to help restore and protect Earth's biological integrity.  It will
work within and through the Religious Society of Friends for policies that enable human
communities to relate in mutually enhancing ways to the ecosystems of which they are a part. 
This witness will seek to be guided by the Spirit and grounded in reverence for Earth's
communities of life as God's creation.

      1)  to work within the Society of Friends in the US and with Friends Committee on National
Legislation to enable FCNL to include legislative priorities relating to "an earth restored...."
      2)  to inform Friends about current policy issues from an ecological and  faith-based
perspective in collaboration with the Quaker Eco-Bulletin Project of Philadelphia Yearly
      3)  to participate as a Friends' entity in advocacy activities relating to ecology and US
government and corporate policy originating from or widely supported by the nation's faith
community ;
      4)  to be a voice for Friends concerned about the underlying conflict between our species'
ecological realities and our society's commitment to unlimited economic expansion.

9.  Finance Committee Report - Kendall Ivie presented the following report.

Finance Committee Report - 6/8/00

     The proposed budget projects an income of $60,150 and expenses of $67,375 creating a net
loss of $7,225.  This would leave about $9,000 in available funds at the end of the fiscal year. 
Major changes in the proposed budget are:

     1)   The Yearly Meeting will pay for itself.
     2)   SAYF budget increased by about $1000 to cover cost of training.
     3)   New line item for training.
     4)   Restore donation to Rural Southern Voice for Peace.
     5)   Newsletter assessment is removed and folded into the general assessment.
     6)   Increased SAYMA personnel budget to cover benefits and SAYF staff person.
     7)   To cover the increased income the assessment will need to be increased from $40 to $55.
     8)   In Fiscal Year 2002 the assessment will need to increase to $62 to maintain a reasonable
fund reserve.
    SAYMA FY2001 Proposed Fiscal Year Budget - June 10, 2000


    Discussion was held answering questions and concerns regarding the report and the budget
report.     There will be a meeting regarding the budget this evening along with a discussion of
the proposed   SAYF staff position.  It should be noted that a line item of $100 was added for the
William Penn   House in Washington DC.
    10.  Personnel Committee Report - Sharon Annis, clerk of the Personnel Committee presented
a    verbal report.  The main work of the committee is in attempting to bring the employee and
volunteers  activities within the safe and proper guidelines which are understood and accepted by
SAYMA.  The   committee is working at this time to generate documents and procedures to help
SAYMA properly    proceed.
    Three proposals have been generated for approval:
         1.  Staff supervision - It is recognized that employees need to be supervised by only one
         person and not by a committee.  It is therefore proposed that the current Administrative
         Assistant be supervised by the Clerk of Yearly Meeting.  Friends Approved
         2.  There is a need to establish a pay scale which contains a base pay based on a specific
         year. To bring our employee's pay into line based on cost of living increases, it is proposed
         that the current pay be increased by 10%.  Friends Approved
         3.  The Personnel Committee will consist of:  Assistant Clerk, Treasurer, two members at
         large, Clerk of YM Planning Committee, and supervisors of employees.  The Assistant
Clerk         of SAYMA will act as Clerk of the Personnel Committee.  Friends Approved
    11. Ad Hoc Committee for SAYF Paid Position Report - Clerk Wright reviewed the historical
    context of this request.  The clerk of this ad hoc committee, Sharon Annis gave an oral report.
    While a draft job description has been generated, there are several issues which will need to be
    addressed.  The committee does make the following recommendation:   
         1.  A quarter time (0.25) Full Time Equivalent (FTE)  employee be hired as an
         Administrative Assistant to the SAYF program.  Friends Approved
         2.  The generation of the final job description be performed jointly by both Personnel
         Committee and SAYF Steering Committee.  Supervision for this position will be by one of
         the clerks of the SAYF Steering Committee at the co-clerks discretion. Friends Approved
         3.  Initial benefits and compensation be equal to compensation level of the SAYMA
         Administrative Assistant.  Friends Approved
    Discussion was held to clarify the issues of concern.  Several issues were raised while not
directly    related to the issue at hand and were referred to Personnel Committee.  A specific
concern was raised    as to fair wages and benefits of which the Personnel Committee took note
and will continue to work    in this area 
    12.  Wider Quaker Organizations - Clerk Wright, reviewed the system of rotation of Wider
Quaker    Organization and explained that this year the featured organization was Friends World
Committee    for Consultation .  Kathy Burke of Atlanta MM presented a report which is
    13.  SAYF Steering Committee Report - Margaret Farmer presented a verbal report which
included    the following items.  
    A request for a minute of deep appreciation of the Oversight Committee was made. Friends
approved    the clerks to generate this minute.
         Despite leadership changes, SAYF is still going strong.  We operate all year long with only
two short         breaks.  There is a youth activity each month along with committee meetings. 
There was a range of         retreats over the past year wich consisted of 40-50 youth at each
retreat.   These retreats consisted of:         Community building (white water rafting experience),
hurricane clean up at Penn Center, Martin         Luther King Jr. weekend in Atlanta to include a
trip to the MLK center for our diversity retreat,         spirituality though movement at the first
Berea Retreat.
         Each retreat is planned by a host community YF's and one or two lead FAPs.  Worship or
worship         sharing is incorporated into the fabric of each retreat at young friends insistence! 
FAP's are taking         more of a back stage role and encourage YF's to lead more.
         Nurturing Committee has recommended that YFs friends who want to come to SAYF
attend at least         orientation to Quakerism or attend Quaker meeting/Youth groups a few times
before attending a         retreat.  Purpose is to promote a more spiritual atmosphere at retreats.  
         This is a very active group within our Yearly Meeting.  It involves a big workload,
especially record-         keeping, registration for each single event.  In April there was a
administrative disaster in that two         main persons were out of service and the committee is
just now regrouping and making the necessary         corrections.
         There has been a concern from some Friends that maybe SAYF needs to cut back on the
amount of         activities.  Margaret then related several stories of how the SAYF group has
directly helped in very         specific terms and of how the SAYF program is Peace work - God's
Work.  The youth have         expressed to Margaret that SAYF is a special community to them
and in some instances the only         community they have which allows them to be in and hear
from the Light.
    14.  SAYF Oversight Committee Report - Dick Houghton gave a verbal report regarding the
    function and current activities of the committee.  Due to the members of the committee being
spread    out over a large geographical area, the members have not been able to meet quickly
enough to timely    work with personnel problems. 
    Concern was raised as to the committee identifying a solution to the issue but none has been
    discovered at this time.  One possible solution is for the Nominating Committee to consider
    attempting to locate Friends in a central area which would serve on this committee.  The
Nominating    Committee will take this under consideration.
    Appreciation for all the work performed by the Steering Committee was expressed by Friends.
    15.  Right Sharing of World Resources - RSWR's first year report was given by Judi McGahey
    of Celo.  RSWR's focus will include expanded education to first world friends along with
increasing    the number of grants given.  Judi has been approached by RSWR  to serve on the
Board of Trustees    and will continue to work with and visit within SAYMA.    Friends

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