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> Dear Friends,
> This year the minutes of Yearly Meeting are ready to be read.  The
> following is one of seveal emails that will have the proceedings and
> minutes of yearly meeting.
> I have broken it up so as to not have a really long file for anybody's
> email service.  Please take to your monthly meetings for review and
> such.
> Willard Vaughan
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Yearly Meeting #30 of SAYMA
Warren Wilson College Swananoa North Carolina
June 10, 2000 - Seventh Day (Saturday) Morning

After silence and centering, Clerk Penelope read:

When one's thoughts are neither frivolous nor flippant, 
when one's thoughts are neither stiff-necked nor stupid, 
but rather harmonious, 
they habitually render physical calm and deep insight.  
                                                            Hildegard of Bingen

Clerk Wright welcomed visitors and guests. Announcements were made by several Friends.  
16.  Approval of '99 Proceedings - Clerk Wright reviewed the changes in approval of Minutes and Proceedings.  Friends Approved with no changes.  

17.  Ministry & Nurture Committee Report - Ernest Lee of West Knoxville presented an oral report of the Ministry and Nurture Committee. The issues discussed have been:

    M&N addressed a request from SAYMA that members of M&N serve as greeters for SAYMA'S four Meeting for Business during Yearly Meeting and to sit on the front row to offer prayerful support for our clerks during our Meeting of Business.  

    A letter of introduction was requested by Clerk Penelope Wright for her in relation to her travel to New England Yearly Meeting.

    M&N addressed a request from Frederick Martin of Celo for a letter of introduction to New England YM which is related to his studies and travel while studying at Pendle Hill during 2000-2001.

    M&N entertained a request from Kendall Ivie, SAYMA Treasurer, that M&N oversee requests for funds to be drawn from the Spiritual Development Fund and Released Friend Fund of the SAYMA yearly budget.  Discussed the guidelines and procedures relevant to requests for these funds and determined to review these guidelines and attempt to assure equity and clearness relate to fund requests.

    M&N approved a request from Frederick Martin of Celo for some financial assistance to the help him travel and meet with Friends during studies at Pendle Hill beginning in October.  Recommendation to Kendall Ivie and the Finance Committee that $300 be appropriated from the Spiritual Development Fund.  M&N will request that Frederick Martin offer a report to M&N by March 2001 related to his travels and financial needs as appropriate.  

    M&N addressed a minute of concern from Bowling Green Worship Group that SAYMA discuss issues related to Quaker beliefs and practices from a variety of other religious traditions and the acceptance and impact of these beliefs and practices on our Quaker traditions and spiritual foundations.   The basic query is essentially, "Can you be a Quaker and practice religious beliefs of another religious belief at the same time?"  This concern was penned before the YM theme for this year had been fully developed.  M&N is appreciated of the concern and feels that it was timely in respect to our program for this meeting, M&N discussed this concern at some length with Willard Vaughan and Steve Meredith of Bowling Green WG and suggested that the agenda offered at YM 2000 offers opportunities to explore these issues and concerns.

    M&N met with Friends from the Cookville WG to assist them in addressing their needs for better interpersonal communication and problem solving within their group.  M&N made several suggestions relating to Quaker process and procedures and has offered continuing assistance to Cookville WG if needed.

    M&N discussed revisions and editing of Faith and Practice Guidelines related to M&N and anticipate response from the Revision committee.  M&N continued to review and edit SAYMA M&N purposed functions and responsibilities of SAYMA representatives.  These matters have been placed on our agenda for consideration at future representative meetings.  

    M&N read a Minute of Support for Kim Carlyle of Asheville Friends Meeting to travel in SAYMA and to other Faith Groups with his concern to raise awareness of the spiritual, moral and religious bases for the protection and restoration of our ecological system.  Our committee supports Kim in this work and endorses this minute.     

Ministry and Nurture recommended and  requested that Frederick Martin be granted $300 from the Spiritual Development Funds to continue his studies at Pendle Hill.  Ministry and Nurture also requested Frederick Martin to present a report to Ministry and Nurture in March 2001.  At that time, there will be a reassessment of needs and requests for funding.

Friends approved the recommendation and request.

Friends did ask Ministry and Nurture concerning several concerns.  Friends were reminded that these concerns be brought to the Monthly Meetings for seasoning and then come to Ministry and Nurture Committee through their representative 

18.  Call for Faith & Practice Revision - Clerk Wright reviewed the SAYMA Guide to Faith and Practice and read page 30 (1990 as amended 1998):

     As a way of assuring openings to divine leading and improved ways of doing things, the clerk of SAYMA will enquire each year at the beginning of the first yearly meeting session whether changes have become necessary.  Any suggested alterations will then be referred to an examining committee appointed by that yearly meeting for a report to the next yearly meeting.  In any event, at the end of nine years after approval of the completed Guide, and at the end of each decade thereafter, yearly meeting shall appoint an examining committee of at least five members; it should have at least two members with previous service on an examining committee.  The committee should devote special attention to determining if testimonies and queries are continuing to remind Friends to meet emerging problems that face Society.

A concern has been identified in that SAYMA's office has depleted their copies of Faith and Practice.  An order will be made to publish a limited number which will include the corrections and additions to the Faith and Practice of 1998.

Clerk Wright then called for volunteers to serve on a review committee.  The following persons volunteered:  Richard Houghhton (Nashville),  Steve Meredith (Bowling Green), Janet Minshall (Anneewakee Creek), Dennis Gregg (Crossville) Kathleen Hardie (Nashville);  Free Polazzo (Anneewakee Creek) and Penelope Wright (Nashville).  Free Polazzo volunteered to be the convener and a clerk will be determined at a later date.

Virginia Wood, of Ohio Valley YM spoke saying   "God speaks to you thought the words we speak to one another and God speaks most powerfully in the words that are written."  She continued to minister about the process at her Yearly Meeting as they to work on their faith and practice.  She further encouraged and commended us in this special  endeavor.  

19.  Consideration of Minutes and Concerns - Clerk Wright in beginning this portion of the agenda offered the following query: "In saying what I have in mind, will I clarify the sense of the Meeting?" 

Population Minute as presented by Asheville MM.    Assistant Clerk Sharon Annis read the Minute as presented earlier.

A concern was raised the concern of the relationship of population growth and poverty since birth rate of developed countries is lower then that of other counties which are not  developed.  A concern was also raised about conflict among individuals and nations which is also an issue in population.  A continued concern of the difference of those who have and those who do not have was voiced and that the issue is much greater then just something as simple as birth rate and our complicity in this problem.  

Other concerns were raised and discussed.  Some changes were suggested and were inserted into the Minute as presented earlier.  It was suggested that queries be generated which would be disseminated among SAYMA.

Friends approved the minute as a beginning to the work on this issue by not only SAYMA but each of us. This will be ongoing work with a follow up minute to come to YM next year.

Kathy Burke asked for permission to take this minute to the FWCC Triennial.  Friends approved and other avenues of distribution of this information.

20.  Death Penalty - At Spring Representative Meeting a request was made of monthly meetings to address this issue.  At this time, since no formal documents have been generated and  no minute has been proposed for YM review, the issue is therefore referred back to MMs for continued seasoning.  

While the main concern is being referred back to MM, Friends did approve the following statement:

     SAYMA affirms Friends traditional opposition to capital punishment.  As an interim step, we support all calls for a moratorium on capital punishment.

SAYMA would encourage Friends who feel led to form an interest group and generate follow up minutes.  Friends who are led may carry this statement as they see fit to other organizations and contacts.

21.  Friends Committee on Out World Relations (FCOR) - Phil Neal presented an oral review of his attached report on the Friends Committee on Out Worlds Relations. 

At this time we adjourned for the mid day meal.  It was suggested that we reconvene at 6:00 PM to continue the discussion regarding the remaining minutes of concern.


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