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Willard Vaughan, PE wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> This year the minutes of Yearly Meeting are ready to be read.  The
> following is one of seveal emails that will have the proceedings and
> minutes of yearly meeting.
> I have broken it up so as to not have a really long file for anybody's
> email service.  Please take to your monthly meetings for review and
> such.
> Willard Vaughan
> former recording clerk
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Yearly Meeting #30 of SAYMA
Warren Wilson College Swananoa North Carolina

June 10, 2000 - Seventh Day (Saturday) Afternoon

Clerk Wright closed the silence by reading:

     God is neither Catholic nor Protestant, 
     neither Moslem nor Hindu.  
     God is too great to be imprisoned in a single creed.  
                    Author Unknown

Several Friends made announcements.

22.  Approval of Nominations - Lee Ann Swarm, clerk of Nominating Committee presented the
following persons for positions within SAYMA:
    Person to Hold Position
    Beginning    Date
    Ending    Date
    Monthly   Meeting
    Recording Clerk
    Carol Lamb
    Nominating Committee
    Lee Ann Swarm
    W. Knoxville
    Nominating Committee
    Steve Meredith
    Bowling Green
    Clerk - Planning Committee
    Mary Ann Downing
     Adult Program Planning
    Bob McGahey
    Co-Registrar Planning
    Missy Ivie
    W. Knoxville
    Bookstore- Planning
    Peter Buck
    Work Shop Coordinator
    Planning Committee
    Pam Beziat
    Worship Sharing Planning
    Tom McGuigan
    Sara Rose
    Site Selection Committee
    Becky Ingle-Co Clerk
    Larry Ingle - Co Clerk
    Hibbard Thatcher
    SAYF Oversight
    Sara Rose
    Jeremiah Gold-Hopton
    Bill Holland
    Quaker House
    Harry Rogers
    Friends approved these persons for positions within SAYMA.
    Friends approved a Minute of Appreciation of those persons completing their terms of service.
(Your    welcome!)
    23.  Approval of Budget - Kendall Ivie presented a revised budget to reflect changes which
have been brought    to his attention.  Please note, the budget presented earlier in the minutes
includes these changes.  
    Kendall  requested that the monies received for subscription for the SAF newsletter be rolled

over into the    general funds since no newsletters were issued over the past year.  A concern was
raised as to whether funds    would be available for the newsletter this year. It was stated that
funds would be available for this year and the    line item in the budget was pointed out for
    It should be noted that the assessments now include the subscription to SAF instead of the
practice in previous    years of two different fees.  A concern was raised regarding how each
monthly meeting should calculate their    assessment in that there has been creative math used in
calculating total monies to be sent to SAYMA from
    each monthly meeting.  In an effort to clarify the changes and increase of assessment, the Clerk
and Treasurer
    will send a letter to each monthly meeting and worship groups explaining the changes and
increases. Friends
    It was suggested that the letter include a request that monthly meetings and worship groups
submit prior to Fall    Representative Meeting the projected funds which will be paid so that the
calculations can be made to    determine if the budget can be met.  Friends Approved.
    Friends Approved the budget as presented.  
    24.  Site and Date for '01 Yearly Meeting - Hibbard Thatcher reported that the Site Selection
Committee    recommend that the Yearly Meeting of 2001 be held at Shorter College in Rome
Georgia on June 14- 17, 2001.     Shorter College's approval of this reservation is pending its
acceptance by the new college president, whose    selection is in the final process.
    In the event that the meeting there is not approved it is recommended that SAYMA meet at
Warren Wilson    College, Swananoa NC on June 7- 10, 2001.
    Hibbard Thatcher then reviewed information regarding Shorter College.  After further
discussion and    clarification Friends approved the use of Shorter College if available.  If not
available, Yearly Meeting will    be held at Warren Wilson College. Friends Approved.
    25.  Sites and Dates for '00   '01 Representative Meetings - With the approval of the Yearly
Meeting near    Chattanooga and Chattanooga being close to Shorter College Chattanooga will
reconsider their invitation and    possibly extend it for Spring 2001.  
    Nashville, contingent upon the approval of their meeting, offered to host the Fall 2000
Representative Meeting    on September 16, 2000. 
    West Knoxville, contingent upon the approval of their meeting, has offered to host the Winter
2000    Representative meeting on December 21, 2000 instead of earlier approved date of 
January 20, 2001 due to the    potential of snow.
    Chattanooga and Atlanta Monthly Meetings will determine who will host the Spring 2001
Representative    Meeting on April 14 or 21, 2001.
    Saturday June 10, 2000 6:00 PM
    26.  Continuation of Consideration of Minutes of Concern - Concern for Iraq   Nashville
Friends began    by discussing the history of their minute and conveyed to Friends current
activities of the Nashville Friends    in regards to this minute.   
    Atlanta Friend discussed their minute in that while they concurred with the Nashville Minute,
Atlanta Meeting    did have a different set of emphasizes on this issue and therefore generated
their own minute but did not    request for the minute to be adopted by SAYMA.  Atlanta has
since their approval of this minute has    transmitted the minute to a number of government and
Quaker organizations.
    In discussions regarding the acceptable of the Nashville Minute, it was suggested that SAYMA
adopt its own    shorter and more concise minute.  In further discussion, it was noted that in
earlier discussions, the use of    economic sanctions against Cuba and possibly other countries as
a mechanism for the US government in    attempting to bring into compliance other countries.  
    Friends approved the spirit of Nashville's Minute but like to see the minute further seasoned in
monthly    meetings.  Having identified resources with AFSC's Middle East peace Education
program, FCNL and other    sources such as Nashville Monthly Meeting, monthly meetings are
requested to season this information and    generate minutes to bring back for review by SAYMA
at the next YM.  At Yearly Meeting 2001, a special    interest group will be formed which would
then generate a minute which can then be brought before YM for    approval. 
    27.  Ecological Concerns Network  Friends approved the creation of the Ecological Concerns
Network as    outlined in the earlier minutes and budget items.  
    28.  Concern Regards SAYMA's relationship with AFSC  Two minutes regarding AFSC have
been    received: Chattanooga has requested that funding be reduced and Atlanta which asked that
the funding from    SAYMA to AFSC be increased and full representation to AFSC.
    Larry Ingle of Chattanooga expressed concern that this issue has been carried over a number of
years and    generally the item is placed late on the agenda and is then carried over.  While small
group discussions are    welcome and encouraged, it needs to be discussed openly on the floor of
Yearly Meeting where decisions are    made.  
    Friends approved the holding this issue over to next Yearly Meeting  and placing it in a prime
position of the    agenda.

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