[saymaListserv] Yearly Meeting Minutes Part 7

Thomas M. Lamm tlamm at kih.net
Sat Jun 17 11:23:50 JEST 2000

Thanks Willard for publishing the YM minutes on the listserv so promptly.

The 7 text files have to be reassembled and edited to be readable.  Would it
be easier for everyone if documents were published in RTF format instead of
TXT?  RTF, or Rich Text Format, preserves the original layout.  You can save
and open documents as RTF in all the word processors I know, including Word
Perfect, MS Word and Windows WordPad.  The plain text could still be sent in
the body of the e-mail message, for those people who cannot receive

Another suggestion is to use ZIP compression when sending large files.
Compression reduces the size of the file to about 20% for word-processing
documents, so you can send the whole file in one attachment.  I realize not
everyone has a ZIP utility, such as WinZip or PK-ZIP, but they are easy
obtain and cheap.  It is also possible to create self-extracting ZIP files,
so that only the creator of the document needs to have the ZIP utility.

---Tim Lamm
Berea, KY

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> Willard Vaughan, PE wrote:
> >
> > Dear Friends,
> >
> > This year the minutes of Yearly Meeting are ready to be read.  The
> > following is one of seveal emails that will have the proceedings and
> > minutes of yearly meeting.
> >
> > I have broken it up so as to not have a really long file for anybody's
> > email service.  Please take to your monthly meetings for review and
> > such.
> >
> > Willard Vaughan
> > former recording clerk
> >

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