IMP^o^ 042 Spring Rep Meeting

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IMP^o^ Bulletin 042
Spring Representative Meeting
April 8  --  Asheville, NC
snow date April 15

Please share with your meeting ~

<|>  Spring Representative Meeting will be held Saturday, April 8th (15th in
case of snow), hosted by the Asheville (NC) Friends Meeting.

<|>  Each meeting and worship group is encouraged to send a Representative.
These f/Friends are important channels of two-way communication between
SAYMA and local meetings.

<|>  Any f/Friend may attend and participate; those gathered represent the
Yearly Meeting.  (Attending without "official" duties can be a delightful
chance for fellowship and taking part in Quaker process.)

<|>  "Representative Meeting carries out the ongoing work of the yearly
meeting and acts in the name of the yearly meeting between sessions."  (A
Guide to Our Faith and Our Practice)

<|>  SAYMA "... is organized ... to provide fellowship and a central
coordinating group of Friends ... through which individuals and Monthly
Meetings are nurtured, and whereby inspiration, spiritual revitalization,
mutual irradiation, exchange of ideas, comparison of problems, and
coordination of spiritual/religious efforts may be accomplished."  (from
"...Articles of SAYMA," an "approved operating description for ... legal and
other purposes.")

<|>  Presently, SAYMA is comprised of about 30 meetings and worship groups,
ranging in size from under half a dozen to over 300 members and attenders,
with about two thirds counting themselves as "up-to-50" f/Friends.

<|>  "Our name ... in traditional Quaker language indicates that we meet
annually to conduct our business.  The yearly meeting, however, is a
cooperative association and exercises no authority, other than moral and
advisory, over any local meeting or individual Friend."  (Faith and

<|>  Registration packets will be mailed soon to f/Friends recorded in the
SAYMA office as
    -- Clerks/contacts for their meetings or worship groups
    -- SAYMA representatives
    -- members of the SAYMA Ministry & Nurture committee
    -- members of committees meeting in conjunction with Rep Meeting

<|>  Others wishing to register may contact their Clerk.  Several people
may register on the same form.

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