IMP^o^049 kitenet HELP!/changes

Mary Calhoun moriah at
Thu Mar 23 18:41:34 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 049
HELP!  If sayma at won't work for you ...
... it may be due to some changes

(gleaned from conversations with some f/Friends)

<|>  If you're sending a subscription message to the SAYMA free list server
(sayma at you need to use this address:
sayma-subscribe at

<|>  Note that it contains the word "subscribe."  This is a relatively new
subscription address.

<|>  Old information is still floating around that gives a slightly
different subscription address.  It no longer works!  If you know of someone
who can't make their subscription work, please share the new address with

<|>  When subscribing, also make sure there is only the word
subscribe        in the body of the message; the sayma at software
doesn't know what to do with more than that.  sayma at probably
doesn't need any words on the subject line, either.

<|>  A factual correction -- once upon a time it was possible for anyone who
could lay hands on a computer with e-mail to post a message on
sayma at; not so now.  You have to be subscribed in order to post
messages.  "Anti-spam procedure" is the probable reason.

<|>  A tip for subscribers changing e-mail accounts --
-- sayma at doesn't seem to have a way to tell it "please update my
e-mail address"
-- the SAYMA office doesn't have sayma at on its computer ...
-- ... and the Admin Asst has no direct access to the inner workings of
sayma at!
-- instead, send a new subscription request using your *new* e-mail account
-- when your confirmation message arrives from kitenet, it should contain
some un-subscribe instructions; use these to un-subscribe your old e-mail

<|>  If you're still having problems after using this message, please
call/write/e-mail the SAYMA office.  A live human *will* respond to your

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