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RSWR Board of Trustee's actions
March 10-11, 2000
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(from a message from Roland Kreager, 3-23-00)

<|>  "Greetings from RSWR.  I am writing to keep you informed of RSWR's
development in this, its first year of autonomy.

<|>  "To that end, I am providing you a summary of the RSWR Board of
Trustee's actions, from its March 10-11 meeting.  Please circulate this
update as widely as possible within your yearly meeting.

<|>  "The Right Sharing of World Resources Board of Trustees met March
10-11, 2000, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was a time of celebration for a
very successful year thus far and a time of dedication to new areas of
work and to a renewed organization.

<|>  "The response of Friends to RSWR in this, its first year of
autonomy, has been tremendous.  Total contributions and number of
contributors has doubled over the previous year.

<|>  "The Board of Trustees approved a number of actions:

    -- "Roland Kreager was re-appointed as General Secretary
        until December 31, 2001.  His appointment is now full time.

    -- "A Personnel Manual was approved, and the nomination
        process set in motion for the September 2000 meeting.

    -- "A fiscal transition period of 8 months, May 1 - December 31,
        2000, was approved.  A budget of $173,155 for this period,
        including $112,500 in grants, was approved.  On an annualized
        basis, this is an 88% increase over the previous year's budget,
        reflecting the doubling of support RSWR has experienced.

    -- "Twenty-four projects were approved.  Eight of these projects
        are with existing partners; sixteen are with new partners.

    -- "The Board approved an increased emphasis on RSWR's
        education ministry among Friends.  Projects to be developed
        include a RSWR video, youth and adult religious education
        curricula, a RSWR poster, and plans for meeting/church
        special events.

    -- "RSWR's interest in further engagement in Sierra Leone was
        affirmed.  The Board will review a specific plan of action at
        its September meeting.

    -- "Plans were made for RSWR's presence at yearly meetings this
        coming summer.

    -- "The Board expressed its deep gratitude for the surge of support
        and pledged to increase and deepen RSWR's grant-making in
        the developing world and its education ministry among Friends."

Roland Kreager, rswr at earthlink.net
3960 Winding Way, Cincinnati OH 45229-1950
513.281.4401 - voice, 513.281.4340 - fax

"God calls us to the right sharing of world resources, from the burdens
of materialism and poverty into the abundance of God's love, to work for
equity through partnerships with our sisters and brothers throughout the
world."  (mission statement)

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