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Our meeting each year considers contributions it makes to other
organizations.  We sometimes discontinue contributions to organizations and
add contributions to others, both Quaker and non-Quaker.  Meetings normally
do this without much fanfare.  For Chattanooga Meeting to announce to the
world that it is discontinuing the $100 annual contribution it currently
gives to AFSC is unfortunate and I hope that their intent was not to bring
harm to AFSC.

AFSC has been courageous in some of the stands it has taken for the
oppressed and marginalized of the world.  I applaud AFSC's work, and feel
that their work is very much in line with Quaker values and principles.  I
encourage meetings to respond to concerns they might have related to AFSC
personnel policies and matters by increasing their involvement.  AFSC has
done outstanding work for poor, for prisoners,  for oppressed, and for
groups who are pushed outside the margins of our society, and I am dismayed
that Friends would respond to disagreement about personnel matters with such
a potentially harmful approach.

As meetings consider the minute from Chattanooga,  I encourage them to speak
plainly about their concerns related to AFSC and not hide their real
concerns behind questions about personnel matters and policies.  For
example, if you are displeased with AFSC because of their stand on gay
rights, please say so plainly.  If you are truly think AFSC should not be an
equal opportunity employer, but should require staff to be predominately
Quaker and are willing to withhold contributions for that reason,  please
investigate the staff makeup of other organizations (Quaker and non-Quaker)
to which you contribute.

In response to Chattanooga's suspension of their $100 contribution, I am
giving a $200 contribution to AFSC.  I encourage Friends who support AFSC to
also respond by increasing their personal contributions.

This is a personal response and did not come from my meeting.

Gerald Rudolph
Columbia Friends Meeting

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> IMP ^o^ Bulletin 051
> Proposed Minute for SAYMA
> Regarding Contributions to AFSC
> ...........................................................
> from Chattanooga (TN) Monthly Meeting
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> (from a 3-24-00 message from Penny Wright, SAYMA Clerk)
> <|>  approved by Chattanooga Friends Meeting at Meeting for Business,
> 6-6-99
> <|>  The Meeting asked that the proposed minute be brought to the
> attention of SAYMA, and of other Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups.
> <|>  "In Monthly Meeting for Business on sixth day of sixth month 1999
> Chattanooga Friends Meeting approved the following proposal of a Minute
> for SAYMA:
> <|>  'Friends have considered Bill Holland's resignation and AFSC's
> actions that led up to it. We do not know everything about the matter so
> we seek clarification. We are so serious in our concern that we wish to
> withhold our $100 annual contribution to AFSC until the matter is
> clarified.  Chattanooga Friends Meeting further proposes that SAYMA
> consider adopting the following minute:
> <|>  In light of the serious indicators that the American
>         Friends Service Committee has drifted away from
>         Quaker principles in its internal operations, we will
>         withhold financial contributions to AFSC until it has
>         become fully clear to us that AFSC's internal
>         operating processes are compatible with
>         Spirit-led Quaker principles.' "
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