IMP^o^051 Chatt AFSC Minute

Larry Ingle lingle at
Mon Mar 27 11:16:14 JEST 2000

I want to emphasize that I am not angry and hold no antimosity toward those
with views different from mine regarding AFSC; years ago, I joined the SERO
Executive Committee because, like Gerald Rudolph, I enthusiastically
supported what I knew of AFSC.  My experiences with the organization and the
depth of my committment to Friends and our history led me to be convinced
that AFSC has strayed far from the course it originally had.

At the national level--and that ultimately is the only level that matters,
given AFSC's structure--it is controlled by a group of Friends and their
allies who are oblivious to what the "provincials" out in the countryside
think or believe.

This is all the more reason why we provincials must insist on accountability
and hold AFSC to the strictest Quaker standards, both in process and

Larry Ingle

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>Subject: Re: IMP^o^051 Chatt AFSC Minute
>Date: Mon, Mar 27, 2000, 9:51 AM

> Larry,
> I do not have the time now to quickly address the questions you raise, and I
> am sure the people on the list are not pleased to hear our disagreements.  I
> will try to address your questions later this week.
> I hope this issue does not cause SAYMA yearly meeting to be as rancorous as
> in some past years.  I am sure the various meetings can search their own
> heart about this issue.
> I know that Larry and others in the Chattanooga meeting are honest in their
> search, and though I disagree strongly and will continue to support AFSC, I
> want them to know that I do not want to create barriers of hostility with
> them.  I feel a lack of skill in articulating disagreements with words that
> (hopefully ) add light to the issue rather than heat.  I recall the
> hostility that was generated when Columbia Friends in past years have
> brought issues to SAYMA,  and hopefully I can control my words sufficiently
> to keep from raising the conflict from a loving concern to an angry
> conflict.
> In Peace,
> Gerald Rudolph

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