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Mon Mar 27 12:27:18 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 051.r (revised)
Proposed Minute for SAYMA
Regarding Contributions to AFSC
from Chattanooga (TN) Monthly Meeting

Administrative Assistant's note:

On reflection, it would have been better to frame the posting of
Chattanooga's Proposed Minute about AFSC with some background
information.  Here it is.  -- Mary Calhoun

<|>  The Proposed Minute's approval in Chattanooga on 6-6-99 was too
close to Yearly Meeting for it to appear on that agenda, so it was
presented at Fall '99 Rep Meeting.

<|>  Under usual circumstances, the Chattanooga Minute would have been
an attachment to, and recorded in, the Fall Rep Meeting minutes.  Due to
unusual events, the second half of the RM minutes were lost,
reconstructed at Winter Rep Meeting, and approved without mention or
attachment of Chattanooga's Proposed Minute.

<|>  This came to light when a letter from the SAYMA Clerk (enclosed in
the Spring Rep Meeting registration packet) asked Friends to discuss and
season several minutes from monthly meetings, among them Chattanooga's.
Meetings and worship groups had no printed copy of this minute to refer

<|>  Nor did the office, and a records check confirmed that
Chattanooga's minute had not been posted in an IMP^o^ bulletin (which
has become usual since last September).  At that point, the most
accessible source of the Chattanooga text was Penny Wright, SAYMA Clerk;
it was forwarded to the office for posting.

<|>  The Proposed Minute text, below, is the same as IMP^o^051.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(from a 3-24-00 message from Penny Wright, SAYMA Clerk, transmitting the
Proposed Minute text received from Bill Reynolds, Chattanooga's SAYMA

<|>  approved by Chattanooga Friends Meeting at Meeting for Business,

<|>  The Meeting asked that the proposed minute be brought to the
attention of SAYMA, and of other Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups.

<|>  "In Monthly Meeting for Business on sixth day of sixth month 1999
Chattanooga Friends Meeting approved the following proposal of a Minute
for SAYMA:

<|>  'Friends have considered Bill Holland's resignation and AFSC's
actions that led up to it. We do not know everything about the matter so
we seek clarification. We are so serious in our concern that we wish to
withhold our $100 annual contribution to AFSC until the matter is
clarified.  Chattanooga Friends Meeting further proposes that SAYMA
consider adopting the following minute:

<|>  In light of the serious indicators that the American
        Friends Service Committee has drifted away from
        Quaker principles in its internal operations, we will
        withhold financial contributions to AFSC until it has
        become fully clear to us that AFSC's internal
        operating processes are compatible with
        Spirit-led Quaker principles.' "

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