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Thu Mar 30 22:09:40 JEST 2000

Hi all,

Oh No!  Not the "What's a REAL QUAKER" (i.e. "Real Quaker Organization") 

I have a fantasy that some day the Spirit will move someone in EVERY 
Meeting for Worship in the World to stand an say:

                         "WILL THE REAL QUAKERS STAND UP!"

What would happen in your meeting?   What about in any Friends 
Organization?  What about in any Friends School?

The only way to make anything more "Quaker", in my opinion, is to get more 
Quakers involved.
I too, thought that AFSC needed to be more "Quaker".  So, what did I do?

Not take away money, but gave MORE money!

Not berate the people who come to help to do the Peace and Justice work, 
but VOLUNTEER to help to get the work done.

I joined a Program Committee (Middle East Peace Education).   I have become 
a member of the Executive Committee of the Southern Regional Office.
I have been asked to serve as the Clerk of the Administrative Finance 
Committee.    I opened my "purse" and gave gifts that I had gotten from the 
The folks already there were very "friendly" and even happy to see me come 
and roll up my sleeves and take on a share of the hard work that is being done.

We at AFSC, in this region, are in the process of reexamining how we work 
together in the office and on committees, how to do even better program 
work together and how we can provide more financial resources to be able to 
have more programs in our part of the country.

I belive that there are many more issues that can get Friends upset instead 
of "is AFSC Quaker enough?"!  Let's make a list:

Wars, poverty, natural disasters, proliferating prejudice, disintegrating 
environment, the way the poor are treated, that elections that are bought 
and paid for, the racism, the sexism, the ageism, the way we mistreat our 
children, the Violence that is EVERYWHERE, the Hate Talk Radio!    Maybe 
even the patriarchy?  Pick your own concern and get to work, if you are not 
already participating in some form of social action.  Need help?

Maybe AFSC can help you with your concern.  Give us a chance. Write to your 
SAYMA representatives with requests for assistance.  They can pass them on 
to the appropriate person.   If you don't get an answer, write to me and I 
will follow up.

Your SAYMA representative to the AFSC-SERO executive committee are:
Bergqist:         Email: cgc at
Estes:          Email: mmarjean at

We are blessed to have excellent staff working with us and the Interim 
Regional Director, Frank Cummings, is a long time attender at Atlanta 
Friends Meeting and a great listener!   We will do the best we can.  But 
give us something concrete to work with, please.

I leave you with an old story I first heard when I came to Atlanta Friends 
Meeting in the late 70's:

"A newcomer to Friends Worship came to meeting and sat quietly for an 
hour.  After Friends broke meeting by shaking hands, the newcomer asked:
         "When does the Service begin? "
The reply from a Friend sitting next to the newcomer:
         "When the Meeting ends!"

in Peace,

Free Polazzo
Anneewakee Creek Worship Group
Douglasville, Georgia

PS      Please don't let this "heat" about AFSC keep you from Yearly 
Meeting.  This year the theme of Spiritual Diversity is a powerful 
one.  And one which can
help put more light on the AFSC "issue".    I will be there and will be 
glad to visit with F(f)riends about what is happening at AFSC at any meal.

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