IMP^o^051 Chatt AFSC Minute

Willard Vaughan, PE teamenv at
Fri Mar 31 09:36:38 JEST 2000

I have oft thoght about the time when quakers would speak to an issue on
the listserve.  So far the list serve has only been used for small data
exchanges.  I think that a CALM and COLLECTIVE THOGUTHT PROCESS whould 
be nice and allow us in SAYMA a more indepth discussion and allowing of
time to reflect and maybe even read other references to help understand
the issues.

Well that time has come I see.  One note, the computer/internet people
have copied the quakers in that listservers are sometimes moderated. 
That is to say someone is in charge of readding all emails prior to them
going out to the public and has the responsibility to reject any that
are not appropriate.  This is something like a censoring clerk.  

While I think that a listserve clerk may be necessary, (no we do not
need another slot for the nominating commmittee to fill)  I also feel
that maybe some ground rules may be need to be established much like we
have in meeting.  Here are my modest proposals:

1.  Much in the manner of allowing a peroid of time after spoken message
in meeting, there also needs to be a peroid of time after an email. 
Quick responses are often emotional and do not add to the logic decision
process and proper spirit of the concern.  It is suggested that an email
wait (season) for 24 hours before responding.  I have found that this is
an effective tool for both myself and my work habits.  It would not
hurt  as I have found, to print the email and discuss it with other
Friends if necessary.  I have done this and it helps me put things right
before I do something really dumb.

2.  Much like English 101 - please state in clear english in 25 words or
less what you are trying to say.  This should come at the begining of
the email so that all can see quickly your topic and what your intent is
with the email.  Then have following paragragphs or chapters if you are
so inclined to explain your who what or whys.  

3.  Be constructive - The hardest lesson the technicans who work with me
had to learn was that I did not have the answeres to all of their
problems.  They would come to me and state a problem and ask what to
do.  I would often reply with a question of what do you suggest?  They
always had a better answer to the problems then I could generate. 
Therefore if there is a problem, provide what you feel may be a
solution.  The solution may help others to better define the problem.

4.  Do not be de-constructive - We all have personalities and I know
that given the choice I would like to ask some persons "Is that dumb ass
remark that you said the way you want it recorded in the proceedings?" 
But no thanks to Penny and the spirit, I keep it quite and let it go. 
But I do have to look into the remark and try to find that of God for I
am sure it is there looking for me.  We need to not attack directly or
indicectly others.  To many people have put to much of themselves into
projects - programs, etc. and when people discuss these
projects/programs they feel they are being discussed.  We all need to

And finaily remember this, if you pull your pants down, someone is going
to look!  You are on a list serve that a lot silent persons are reading
and while pictures are worth a thousand words, so far we have about one
and half pictures of some very interesting persons.  

But also, I have seen good quakers bit their lips and not say what needs
to be said for fear of hurting others. That to me is just as great of a
sin as speaking hurtfully to others.  George Fox stood up in the churchs
and spoke to the matter at hand. The preachers did not want to hear it
but the people did.  And yes he was initally forcefull to break the
bonds of the church but then he was gentel in the ways of explaining and

In the matter of AFSC our attention has been directed and I for one
thank you for reminding me that there was an issue and that I had made a
committment to myself to follow up and do more homework to better
understand the issue.  For this I am thankful.  Now can you start again
with the discussion in a CALM and RATIONAL manner so that we can be
educated and informed.  


Larry can you put together a concise history of AFSC for us all to
better understand some of the issues you are addressing.  You keep
talking about leaving the quaker tradition behind, what is that
tradition. Pleae give places for futher reading and such.  It would be
nice if this turned into a first hour discussion paper...hint 

Gerald can you put together a concise history of what AFSC has done
recently that started all the discussion.  Please be factual and
commentary if fine but be carful that you are explaining and not
preaching. (sounds like another first hour paper)

Free - I know you have your heart soul and money in SERO - what can we
(people of SAYMA) do to interface directly with SERO so that we can get
our hands dirty so to speak in better understanding SERO and AFSC? (I
got a hammer and a pray.......)

Peace and love

Willard Vaughan

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