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gerald rudolph grudolph at
Fri Mar 31 10:15:00 JEST 2000


I realize that AFSC is not a perfect organization.  I make mistakes,
mis-statements, and blunders in my own life and realize such things will
happen in organizations, even those that are dear to me.  Also, with the
scarcity of money available for AFSC, I suspect they are often staffed by
many who are youthful, enthusiastic, and perhaps sometimes not as careful in
judgement as some of us would like.

I am supportive of constructive plans to make meetings more informed of AFSC
and their struggles in order to improve the service provided by AFSC.
However, I am not supportive of attempts to remove funding until some
yet-to-be-specified person or persons are satisfied with whatever actions
are being asked.

As for the history that started the discussion, I am not the best person to
write such a document.  I was responding to what I saw was a harmful
response to a concern about AFSC.  But why should we talk about AFSC from a
distance, when I am sure there are numerous AFSC staff and informed board
members who would be willing to come to meetings who are interested and
discuss AFSC policy, history, management difficulties, and answer whatever
questions you have.  If your meeting cannot afford the travel costs of
having the AFSC representative come to your meeting, let me know and I will
pay the cost myself.

Gerald Rudolph

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