IMP^o^051 Chatt AFSC Minute

Larry Ingle lingle at
Fri Mar 31 13:59:47 JEST 2000

Gerald Rudolph writes:

> I am supportive of constructive plans to make meetings more informed of AFSC
> and their struggles in order to improve the service provided by AFSC.
> However, I am not supportive of attempts to remove funding until some
> yet-to-be-specified person or persons are satisfied with whatever actions
> are being asked.

I do not have the Chattanooga minute before me, but I do not believe that it
fuzzes up the definition of the persons who are to be satisfied in the way
implied above in the rhetorical phrase, "some yet-to-be-specified person or
persons."  As I recall, it says that funding should be withheld until "we"
(presumably meaning the group or groups that approve the minute) are
satisfied.  At the present time Chattanooga meeting, whose members and
attenders are hardly "unspecificed" and are listed in the SAYMA directory,
is the only group that has approved this minute.  I hope that Gerald Rudolph
would be a part of SAYMA as it considers and may ultimately approve this

Larry Ingle

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