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Willard Vaughan teamenv at premiernet.net
Mon May 1 21:56:08 JEST 2000


Loved your poem, I do not do sit and just talk enough.  This weekend I
got to go(as if I had a choice) with the boy scouts to go repelling
(jumping off a cliff with a rope tied around you is not for me).  Well I
got to stay at the bottom of the cliff for about 45 minutes looking out
over a wide expanse of natural beauty while they did the class stuff at
the top of the hill.  It was wonderfull.

Then my kids took my laptop with them by accident (or god sent) to
nashville to temple and I did not know what to do with myself.  Found a
bird's nest instead of working.


Got the copy of the article from Friends Journal.  Read it and
remembered it.   I will be trying to get my scanner to work and generate
a mail out but I remember now that I did not like the article - no that
is I did not agree with the article.  Also I though it was somewhat
poorly written.

Mr Davison's (the author) main premsis (point or topic) is that when
quakers speak or thrash out something, there must be physical closeness
so that we can seeming bod in spirit and gain discernment.  He also
challenges the concept of new technology as being good  and usefull by
quoting John Woolman "improvements, while helpful, are sometimes the
product of a "cunning and creaturely mind".

My  first response is that we are quakers not amish.  We did not stop
the clock at some point in history and say that is as far as we go.  If
so then the cunning and creaturely mind helped devise the invention of
the chair.  Should we start sitting on the floor again?  Of course not.
The issue is we have a new tool, it is new to all of us and 50 years
from now we will be thinking how silly we are much like we would look at
quakers taking about the telephone 75 years ago.  My grandmother refused
to have one - of the devil she would say.  While I agree with her at
times, the real reason she did not have one is that they almost did not
have money for food much less such luxury.  This will also be a problem
in our society.

My impression is that decisions can not and should not be reached in
cyberland.  But seeds and thoughts can be planted and threshing can
begin if done properly.  I am looking deeper into AFSC now that issues
have been raised.  I find myself somewhere between them and them.  I
agree with parts of both sides/positions.  But with time and thinking
and of course prayer(looking for the light) I will be prepared for YM if
there is a discussion.  If not, I will be ready to at least sit on the
rock wall and have a small discussion with those interested.

Cyberland is a tool, not the end product, and not the raw materials.
Like any tool it can be used improperly and hurt someone.  It can also
help build and support the work of quakers if used correctly.  We all
are somewhat like a five year old child with a hammer and three nails.
God save the woodwork of the house!!! But we will grow and learn.

Peace love and all that jazz


PS Mary also got an email of how to go on the web and get a listing of
persons on the listserve.  I went and saw a bunch of interesting names.
Who are you and where are you???????

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