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William Kelly Morris morriskk at mindspring.com
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Thank you, willard for your thoughts on the use of the sayma list serve. I
like your ideas, especially about how to increase dialogue.
I don't have any answers to the music question, except that the technology
is moving faster than our sense of the related ethics. So keep talking,
because that's how we all define our values. And at least if he's not
selling it, I don't think it's violating any current copyright laws.  Karen
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> Dear Friends,
> At the last representive meeting, it was suggested that the sayma
> listserve become the official media to transfer information from "the
> office" to sayma friends.  As such, friends would be polietly told not
> to post to the list serve unless doing buisness with the office.  I
> opposed this several grounds
> 1.  Much like any meeting, I have the right to speak and be heard if I
> think what I same saying is important.
> 2.  Censorship is always bad!!!!!!!!
> 3.  Spelling lessons only help sometimes....
> 4.  There are scattered quakers whose only routine contact with other
> quakers is on the net.
> I am one of those.  While I know the messages that Mary sends out do not
> often apply to me, it is good to log on in the morning/or night and see
> a bunch of emails from quakers.  I am instantly assured that you are out
> there - and that fact alone is a comfort at least to me.
> I know that earlier on this list serve there was a dialouge on AFSC.
> While some considered it heated, I remember all the people involved and
> in my mind could very easily see them standing in YM and saying the
> extact same things in public that were said over the net.
> The only problem is that at YM if someone speaks out of hand/harshly or
> whatever, there is a grumbling in the group and the person can sense the
> discomfort.  The same applies when someone "speaks my mind".  There is a
> good feeling and sense of ease.
> But to sit in front of the computer and tell the computer, that friend
> speaks my mind does not do the group as a whole good.  You have to act
> and use the keyboard.  It is important that there be disagreement - this
> will lead to a deeper clarity for all persons.  But you have to be open,
> listen, think, and then let us the world know that you are there and
> what you think.  Just click on the return all button, and type something
> like "this friend does or does not speak for me/my mind".  Thats all you
> do not have to give a great response if you do not feel lead.
> I am sure George Fox would have done something else if when he stood in
> the churchs of the day and preached, all the people just gave him a
> blank look and just walked out when he was finished.  We need
> interaction.  Not arguements.
> Therefore, I opened my mouth and volunteered to help work with SAYMA
> listserve to build up the population on line and to begin dialougs that
> may lead to bigger and better things.
> SO I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!     My 14 year old boy, gets on the internet and
> downloads free music.  Puts it on a writable CD and now listens to it on
> his CD player.  The type of music is not in question although I do not
> listen to it.  The question is this:  Is it ethical for someone else
> somewhere in the universe to purchase a CD of music, place it on the
> internet for everybody to use at no cost (no money ever exchanges hands)
> and then someone like my kid downloads it for their use?
> I will admitt in an effort to better understand the issue, I did also
> get on line and find the web site and down loaded a few songs.  They had
> alot of stuff I could not find in the stores.  I know that this is all
> the rage at college campuses and there are several lawsuits going on
> right now about it.
> When I was younger it was stealing a candy bar from the store, then as a
> older teenager, it was photocopying body parts for activities we will
> let remain nameless - but now days these are the ethical discussions I
> am having with my kids at the dinner table and I am not sure of the
> correct answer anymore.  I now know how my mother and father felt when I
> was at the supper table asking difficult questions.
> What say you Friends?
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