[saymaListserv] New School Prayer

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Mon May 8 16:57:51 JEST 2000

Dear Friends,

Some almost-silent nodding of agreement.

I too was disappointed by the school prayer poem, but was unable to get
hold of a perspective that would help me speak.  Mike Mykel's message
brought focus.

What disturbed me about the poem was that it's humor (or rhetorical
zinger) seemed to be at the expense of some truths about our laws.  I'm
not a lawyer or historian; I can't marshal the legal facts.  But as best
remember, what Mike describes about praying in school is true.

I felt -- hoped -- that the poet had something to say; I hope a friend,
or a teacher, or the first forwarder of the poem, will with loving
kindness help the writer to understand that sometimes one's poem
"doesn't make it onto the page" the first time, and that rewriting might
get it there.

Mary Calhoun
Foxfire Friends Meeting

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