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Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Fri May 12 20:37:26 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 058
Worksheet for 2000 SAYMA Census
for FWCC
Please append results to State of Meeting Report

(The 2000 census worksheet was first sent to Meeting and Worship Group
Clerks with Winter Rep Meeting registration materials; it's green.  It
was also handed out January 22 at Rep Meeting.  This e-mail version was
updated May 12.)

<|>  SAYMA is asked every year by Friends World Committee for
Consultation (FWCC) to give them a census count.

<|>  FWCC is a consultative organization, established in 1937, with the
role of enabling 304,000 Friends and their yearly meetings in 70+
countries to work cooperatively. It's goals include being a channel of
communication, and promoting understanding of diversities among
Friends.  It activities include being Friends' voice at the UN, with
status there as a Non-Governmental Organization.

<|>    Returning this worksheet is not required, but feel free
            to do that if you find it easier.

<|>    Short responses like the following samples are fine --
        -- "2, a, yes"
        -- "3, a, yes, member by Faith & Practice process"
        -- "4, none except (a)1 and (h) 3"

<|>    Please report your census results with your June '00
            State of the Meeting Report. This can be by --
        -- attaching,
        -- appending,
        -- including it in the text,
        -- or whatever is most convenient!

<|>    This census is not intended to be the a basis for SAYMA
            assessments or newsletter subscriptions.

<|>    Your answers to items 1-4 are only for SAYMA's
            perspective on itself.  The same applies to your count of
            members of other yearly meetings.

<|>    Only the information in item 5 about members and
            regular attenders is meant for FWCC.

<|>    If you have any questions or problems,
            feel free to contact the SAYMA office.

Thank you for your work!
Mary Calhoun, Administrative Assistant

moriah at preferred.com
540-628-5852, "in person" phone hours 5-7:30 pm, Tues & Thurs.
PO Box 1164, Bristol TN 37621-1164 ("official")
c/o 165 Jackson St, Abingdon VA 24210 (closer)


1. Reporting period --
    (a) Jan 99 - Dec 99
    (b) Jun 99 - June 99
    (c) other (specify) _______________

2. "Regular Attender" --
    (a) In your meeting/worship group, does this mean (approximately):
        "one who comes to meeting often, but hasn't become a member?"
        []yes []no
    (b) If not, please say briefly what you mean by
        "regular attender."______

3. "Member" --
    In the past SAYMA has not given particular significance to
    the distinction between members and attenders. The meaning of
    "members," and whether they're counted separately, is decided by
    the meetings themselves. And, FWCC is aware that yearly meetings
    count f/Friends in different ways. For this census, please say:
    (a) Do you make a distinction between members and regular attenders?
        []yes []no
    (b) If you do, please say briefly what distinguishes the two in your
        census count. ________

4.  Some New Counts!
    In the time period you gave above, please say how many of each of
    the following EVENTS occurred in your meeting or worship group --

(a) Marriage or ceremony of commitment, under your meeting's care,
    of a member or attender at your meeting _____
(b) Marriage or ceremony of commitment, not under your meeting's care,
    of a member or attender at your MM/PM/WG _____
(c) Marriage or ceremony of commitment, under your meeting's care,
    of a couple not attending the meeting _____
(d) Birth or adoption of a child to/by parent(s) attending your
    meeting _____
(e) Death of a member/attender of the meeting _____
(f) New member joined your meeting _____
(g) Member moved away, and transferred membership out of
    your meeting _____
(h) Member moved to your area, and transferred membership
    to your meeting _____

5. SAYMA follows the practice of membership being in monthly
    meetings, but not in preparative meetings and worship groups.
    Therefore, to avoid duplicate SAYMA counts, you're asked to do
    the following:

    *Monthly Meetings --
        -- count members of your meeting even if they don't attend it
            (**see below, notes [1]-[4], for kinds of situations in
            which a member of your MM might not be attending)
        -- count separately members of non-SAYMA monthly meetings

    *Preparative Meetings or Worship Groups --
        -- give name of caring Meeting, if any _____________
        -- count only regular attenders and
         members of non-SAYMA monthly meetings

(a) How many adults attending your meeting are --
    -- Members? ____
    -- Regular Attenders? ____
    -- Members of a MM in another YM? ____

(b) How many under 18 attending your meeting are --
    -- Members? ____
    -- Regular Attenders? ____
    -- Members of a MM in another YM? ____

(c) Altogether, how many members of your Monthly Meeting are --
    [1] non-attending, [2] attending another SAYMA MM,
    [3] attending a SAYMA PM or WG, or
    [4] attending in another YM? ____

(d) Total of Members ____
(e) Total of Regular Attenders ____
(f)  Total of Members of a MM in another YM ____

(g)  Grand Total _____

**Notes  -- situations in which a member of your MM
             might not be attending it
[1] non-attending = member of your meeting, but known
    not to be attending any meeting
[2] attending another SAYMA MM = members of your meeting,
    but attending another SAYMA monthly meeting
[3] attending SAYMA PM or WG = member of your meeting, but
    attending a SAYMA PM/WG
[4] attending in another YM = member of your meeting, but attending
    a MM/PM/WG in another yearly meeting

~~~~~~~end ^o^ ~~~~~~
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