[saymaListserv] IMP^o^ 060 Death Penalty Min (Brevard)

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Sat May 13 18:34:42 JEST 2000

IMP ^o^ Bulletin 060
Minute on the Death Penalty
Brevard (NC) Friends Meeting
Approved December 12, 1999

(attachment to Brevard FM's Minutes of its December '99 Meeting for

<|>    "In keeping with the Religious Society of Friends' traditional
opposition to the death penalty, Brevard Friends Meeting heartily
endorses the American Bar Association resolution calling for a
moratorium on all executions until meaningful steps are taken to "ensure
that death penalty cases are administered fairly and impartially" and to
" minimize the risk that innocent people may be executed.

        "The Meeting recognizes that in making this endorsement it is
joining with many other church and civic groups in a nationwide movement
labeled Moratorium Now.

        "Our Meeting considers this as an interim move toward the total
abolition of capital punishment in our beloved state and nation.

        "We ask that other church groups and our local, county, state
and national leaders be informed of our action and requested to join
with us in calling for a moratorium now."

<|>    "Minute approved at December 12, 1999, Meeting for Business"

<|>    (from Minutes, SAYMA Spring '00 Representative Meeting)  In
connection with the death penalty, "it was suggested that Minutes,
account of actions, and proposed activities be forwarded to the SAYMA
office, which will begin a file of this information for an agenda item
for Yearly Meeting."

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