[saymaListserv] Fw: New School Prayer: Print this Out

Willard Vaughan, PE teamenv at mail.premiernet.net
Wed May 17 08:23:37 JEST 2000

Free Polazzo speaks my mind!!!!

it is still going on Free, My sons are the only jewish students in the
county school system - It almost took an act of God to get them an
excused absence to attend high holy day services.  Orginally the
principal told us to let them go on Sunday like the rest then they told
us that they would be marked down as unexcused and given zeros on all
the work due that day.  

My wife like your mother hit the roof - I had to apply some restrain and
ended up in the pricipals office by myself trying to explain jewish
faith and practice and history.  After about an hour she seemed to have
gotten it and said that if I would give her a list of the jewish
students then she would put it in the files for future reference.


She got it then as she sat there in silence looking at me.  

My oldest son also a scout went on to do his eagle project.  He pulled
together a short seminar of non christian students in the high school he
was attending to allow them to talk about not being part of the dominant
reglion.  Of the students he talked with, none would come forward and be
identified for fear of  ... you name it.  he ended up with his brother
an eight grader, a seventh day adventist preacher, a methodist friend of
his and a few others.  His methodis freind did say to all the teachers
that he never knew that something like singing christmas carols which he
loved could cause such harm and hurt in others he considered friends.

The teachers were impressed and seemed to accept the teaching.

There are a multitude of examples I can give.  Only because he stood up
and shook his fist at the world and said loud and clear for all to hear 
"I AM A JEW" did he start to get the respect he wanted.  the born agains
have left him alone now but he still has to walk over them  as they pray
every wenesday morning at the flag pole before school.  The born agains
are after my younger son and it is becoming a problem.

Jesus once said not to worry about the poor, there will always be the
poor.  Maybe we need to also say the same about the hate mongers.  They
will always be there so if we just keep doing good then we can maybe
make a difference.

Willard Vaughan
the quaker in the hinderlands

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