'556 Re: [saymaListserv] seeing the List membership

Janet Minshall jhminshall at mindspring.com
Fri May 19 10:12:46 JEST 2000

Hi Mary, Thanks for your response. I don't really care how or why the
current system was put in place  --  I am not into blaming -- but would
like very much to have it corrected.  I agree that it is still be possible,
with a clear understanding of how to use the setup that Joey Hess has
installed, to keep the discussion open to all on the kitenet list, but I
don't think that is what we want. We shouldn't require special knowledge to
attain openness. I would like for responses to all kitenet messages to
automatically be sent to everyone on the kitenet list with no special
computer instructions or additional addresses required.  Hopefully this
won't be too hard to accomplish.
		 Best Regards,  Janet Minshall

 >Dear Janet,
>I'll inquire further about the "reply setting" on the listserve
>I don't know for a fact that Joey made a choice here; it may have been
>an oversight, or he may have left it for future decision by SAYMA.  If
>it's a "default setting," which we don't know either, the software quite
>possibly came out of the box that way, and may need only to be reset.
>I'd agree that it's not convenient, or user-friendly to new e-mail
>users, to have to insert sayma at kitenet.net on the copy-to line to keep
>the conversation fully open.  But this requirement isn't quite the same
>as managing (or "moderating") the discussion.  We're still free to do
>the equivalent of standing and speaking to the whole meeting.  And there
>might also be times when the choice -- between standing or whispering to
>a neighbor -- would lead us to the wiser decision of saving unseasoned
>remarks for later.
>Mary Calhoun
>Foxfire FM
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>> Hi Mary,  Please let Joey Hess know that sending responses from SAYMA
>> members/attenders ONLY to the person who wrote the message almost
>> completely defeats the purpose of having the kitenet list as a means
>> communication among SAYMA Friends. Open and unfettered dialogue is the
>> whole point of an e-mail discussion and is more consistent with
>> faith and practice than any form of managed or directed communication.
>> Using an individual response mode as a default on the listserve
>> insures that such open discussions will no longer take place.  My
>> Free, suggests that individual responses are rather like whispering to
>> someone during meeting for worship. I think if it is important enough
>> say, then it is important enough to share with everyone.  It is one
>> standard of truth.
>> Also I, for one, would hate to see the kitenet list turned into an
>> "official business only" list.  If we are to have such an official
>> let it be in addition to, not instead of, the current open discussion
>> Best Regards,  Janet Minshall
>>      >Dear Peggy,
>> >
>> >(see responses at ***** below)
>> >
>> >^o^
>> >Mary
>> >
>> >(Message copies to Janet Minshall and Beth Keiter are for SAYMA
>> >into "how things are going at the office."  If you have an overriding
>> >need for a "non-copied" exchange please say so clearly, and I'll
>> >the request.)
>> >
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>> >
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>> >Subject: [saymaListserv] seeing the List membership
>> >
>> >
>> >I sent a brief message off in response to Willard's reference to
>> >the list members, asking how it is done.
>> >I thought I was sending it to the list, but it only went to Willard I
>> >later discovered.
>> >
>> >******
>> >The new software that Joey Hess is using to run the listserver has an
>> >"option" which is set so that replies to a sayma at kitenet.net message
>> >only to the person who wrote the message.  I'm not sure if this is a
>> >software "default" setting, or something Joey chose.  (I haven't
>> >yet.)  I can see advantages and disadvantages to the setting.  I
>> >you can still have your reply go to the whole list; I think you'd
>> >need to add the sayma at kitenet.net address to the header of your
>> >
>> >----------------------------------
>> >
>> >I would very much like to find out how one accessed this information,
>> >I've often wondered how wide the range of our correspondence.
>> >*************
>> >You probably have an April 12 message from Joey Hess, subject
>> >Administrivia: mailing list changes."  It gives two website addresses
>> >the first paragraph; probably either one will get you to the list of
>> >subscribers.
>> >
>> >If you no longer have Joey's message, or run into other problems, let
>> >know!
>> >
>> >-------------------------------
>> >
>> >Mary, care to share?
>> >Peggy Bonnington
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