[saymaListserv] List-server "reply-to" options

Mary Calhoun moriah at preferred.com
Mon May 22 16:37:57 JEST 2000

Dear Friends,

Some information to clarify --

A list "moderator," as I understand it, is a person who reads incoming
messages and decides what gets let out for the subscribers to read;
sayma at kitenet.net is not a moderated list.

There are now two "list administrators" for sayma at kitenet.net -- Joey
and myself.  That role, as far as I can tell, involves housekeeping --
like helping people with subscribing, and bounced messages -- and some
choices about how the list works.  By including me in this role Joey
has made the list-server more accessible to SAYMA.  The new
software, which gives access to information about the list and
one's subscription, has also made the list-server more open to SAYMA.

I went to the admin portion of the list-server website, and it appears
that there might be a good reason for directing replies to the original
poster of a message:  replies to the poster "are _strongly_ recommended.
There are many reasons not to introduce headers like reply-to into other
people's messages -- one is that some posters depend on their own
reply-to setting to convey their valid email address. See 'Reply-To'
Munging Considered Harmful for a general discussion of this issue."

This last is a link that I've not been able to access; in lieu, I've
sent a message to Joey asking for a non-technical explanation I can pass
on to SAYMA f/Friends.  Or, maybe a f/Friend on the list knows what this
issue is about.

In the meantime, based on my last six months' computer experience, I'm
interpreting "_strongly_ recommended" as techie-speak for "you may not
like or understand what happens if you ignore this advice."

More later -- !

Mary Calhoun
Foxfire FM

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